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  1. @Qonqrd everyone you know must face palm every time you make a post. Its embarrassing. Mega cubers or whatever you want to call them are not great for the opposing team surrounding them but are great for the game itself (money) and for the team they are part of. Multiscopers are not not great for the opposing team surrounding them and bring nothing to the game but are great for the team they are part of. Both have a negative impact on enemy teams/players but only one benefits the game itself. Both can make people want to quit out of frustration. And that's not great for the game. @OP unlimited refresh is over powered. Its frustrating to fight against a ridiculous amount of refreshes. Unfortunately i dont see anything changing unless this game gets a lot more people playing. More people might mean more money for the company from various sources. More money from various players might mean they can limit the players who spend a ton and still generate a healthy income. The main issue i see with limiting refreshes is someone multiscoping and spending money. He now has two, three, four accounts to refresh with and gets the advantage. Its tricky.
  2. NYC faceless announcement

    NOOOOOOO! Dont go. Was great fighting by your side and you will all be missed.
  3. Then check your original post. That is a perfect example. If only there was a way to search the internet for information. Here you go: http://www.qonqr.com/help/terms-of-service/#abuse Please never turn your hand to comedy.
  4. I must start with an announcement: Camels are not the only animal in the middle east. You have overused it already. It's saddens me that anyone would still find it funny. Get a bit of originality. For anyone not wanting to read all this drivel, skip to the end (hint: Bold stuff). At what point have I bullied anyone? When was the last aggressive or threatening message you or any of your members received from me? Never. Legion and Swarm (in the UK) have teamed up because Faceless are dominating in London. That makes sense. It's a three sided fight and if one force becomes too powerful, the other two can join forces to try and take them down. But: We are dominating in the London area while your alliance is attacking players outside of that area. Then you expect me to sit back and do nothing. You are specifically using me as an excuse for why you have teamed up but then you're attacking players outside of my reach, sometimes with Europe involved. If that is not reason enough to attack you then I'm not sure what is. You lot cube, multiscope and have multi faction accounts and still complain. I don't complain about anything you do. Play the way you want to, ill do the same. I am never rude to anyone, always polite no matter what the message is, never brag about what I do, can do or have done, never threaten anyone, try and keep in touch with the few swarm or legion who are civilised to me, listen to any message form any side and if I can help in any way, I try my best to. Formed agreements with enemy (that I didn't need to) that ended up slapping me in the face. I have even in the past taken the time to find out who some of the younger players are so I know to avoid them. When I'm in a different country I try and find who the bullies are. Those players who threaten and brag and laugh at others. Those are my targets (if they exist in those areas). I don't see how anyone can think I'm a bully. Is it your money? Its none of your business how I spend it. Either way your numbers are way off. 700 dollars a day? Did you just decide to blindly strike the number pad to come up with that figure? Best part of one of your posts is saying that the devs should worry about my welfare. What concerns you about me spending my money? Maybe I'll self harm due to overspending? I wont have enough to buy food because I bought too many cubes? I don't understand what they are supposed to worry about. I have issues? At what point did you deduce this oh mighty psychologist? Wait a minute are you my bank account manager? What do you know about how much I can or cant afford? Random guy spends money on something he enjoys. The end. Told you last time to give up on all the drama but I guess thank you for the concern. You play to make me spend more? And? What do you think that accomplishes? In fact how do you even make me spend? You don't even attack me. You sulk when I'm in the UK and when I fly out and you find out, you call in Europe to help you take an zone or two. As they say, whatever floats your boat. As for Atlantis: Please try again. I quit Atlantis when we were winning. I have on occasion involved myself after I was asked to help out but on the whole I give it a miss. The last time (months ago) was the last 10 minutes of Atlantis and Legion fought hard. We lost. I was not the only Faceless player to quit Atlantis. Quite a few of us thought it lasted too long and had too many zones to fight over. I hear the duration has been reduced. You can't honestly believe I changed my sleeping pattern for the game. I was in California for a month. I was jet lagged. My sleeping pattern was a bit off when I got back. You're not even accurate about when I deploy. Pay attention. You should know this by now: I play as and when I want, sometimes every 20 minutes and sometimes I do long stretches and sometimes I'm busy and don't deploy for hours. You wont always win, and nor will I. Try and get satisfaction form at least trying to win or putting up a good fight. About the limit on cubing. Please. I suggested that last year. Twice. Unfortunately multiscoping is allowed and so prevalent that it kind of ruins the idea. These are the facts: YOU and YOUR side threatened Faceless members who support London. One of the members threatened is actually London based. What do you expect him to do while his city is under attacked? A few of your members don't know when to keep quiet. They sent messages to us threatening specific players and telling them their zones will be dropped just because they have helped London. Basically if they help London then they get their zones wiped. And you have the cheek to call me a bully? We stood up to your members specifically because they were trying to bully. That is the reason we went strong months ago and took those big zones. How is this me bullying you? This is me answering your threats. I didn't attack those zones "just because i can", it's just because I should. Because of your threats. You can blame your members for the loss of those 2 or 3 big zones. These are the basics: You attack one of our zones. We look at the list of attackers and pick one of the players who deployed the most, find a zone of his or hers and attack it. We don't need to justify our attacks with "because there are Faceless players within 30 miles". What, every time we attack a zone we need to send some letter explaining why? You attack us or we attack you, for any reason. That's the game. When some of you were cheating and you could not win you complained, when you cube and lose you complain, when you invite all of Europe to attack and win you still complain. I just think you like to make a fuss. Last words (for now): You think I attack zones as a means of getting attention? I get enough of it form your threads. The only attention seeker here is you with your victim attitude and pity us posts.
  5. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    Can i just first say, liking your own post. Propper classy. Yes you're a group. That's brilliant. Didn't realise you edited your post with some actual content. Only just noticed. I blame Silver for this. *shakes fist at Silver*. I'm sure that in Timbucktu every faction has multiple accounts. Im talking about London Faceless/Swarm/Legion. No London Faceless player has multiple accounts. If any London player had multiple accounts back when it was cheating i would have kicked them out of the groupme chat and be done with them. Only Simi and RepX can answer whether or not they use multiple accounts. As for angel, i've seen the first name around London. Absolutely no idea who they are and are not in the groupme chat. Also angel only popped up after the multi scoping was legit. My main point was: You are happy to complain about a legit portion of the game (and some of you get very angry about it like i created cubes) while some players in your crew were cheating. Its very simple. Im not trying to "punish" you. I am merely pointing out the double standards. An illegitimate advantage is ok in your eyes but a legitimate advantage is evil crazy omg death to the Arab. You mention fairness. That's is why i brought it up. Its not your responsibility to police all London legion though so I’m not trying to blame you for it. Just mentioning it. As for using multiscoping as my excuse to justifying the way i play. I have always said that i play this way because i enjoy it. I'm not doing it to counter multi scoping. I cubed from day one or two of the game. Had no idea what multi scoping was. I enjoy deploying as and when i want to. I brought up multi scopes because (and listen carefully here) to me it seems odd that you get upset at cubes while playing with cheats. You get upset at cubes but happy to have your own advantages. That is my point. If i'm honest i cant expect you to have had a go at people around you who chose to cheat. I'm just telling you what it looks like to us. Now that its legit as you said we have SL. Well even that is being cheated against. But that is a different discussion. Either way even with SL it does not stop multi scoping being an advantage. Good for you guys, use it. My advantage is cubes. Wait. What now? Your bringing up me and my cash AGAIN? Your all about the drama you are. Why are you turning this into the money i spend. I agreed. Its OP. The vids were focused on me but the subject and title is about CUBES BEING FAIR (or not). Hence me bringing up the fairness of certain people's game play and discussing what i thought was the OP cubes. I never said Legion dominated London. Never thought it either. I've also never bought any zone. As ive said to some people, there isnt a drop down menu where i get to choose a zone and pay for it. I still have to clear, defend, support etc for (sometimes) hours before the zone is mine. Legion and Swarm had amazing battles before i came along? How did me coming along stop you from being able to fight swarm? Carry on. Have a blast. You going to blame me for the bad weather in a minute. We too have fought for days. Please stop acting like you've played a different game to us (or me). And enough with the “without cubes you lose”. That's like me saying “without your multiple accounts you lose”. Before you go all crazy I’m not saying that. I've not cubed in every zone. I'm sure you guys like to think the only way we beat you was with cubes. We use to take zones with ease against Legion. Faceless have taken zones without me even sending one bot into it. I've lost and conceded some zones that were well defended (against both sides). I might be harsh on Legion zones these days (there is a very good reason) but I certainly don't always cube against Swarm. They have taken some of my zones and i never even retaliated and the zone is still green today. Have a good look at the map. Its a sea of purple and green. Its not all purple. There is a finite amount of time to every day. And in that day is a finite amount of playtime. I can’t attack/defend every zone at the same time. London in my opinion looks very healthy. We don't think you cube. We know you do (not you you, but some of your players). And that's great. Its likely that it's such a taboo thing amongst your lot that no one mentions it. I've fought one of your lot solo. Just me and him going all out. Was fun. I've been messaged by another one of your lot who told me he uses them. I even had Swarm try and stop me from cubing when i started playing by basically saying "we've dealt with a legion guy who cubes in London and we can deal with you". Not those exact words but that was the gist. That player is still around. There are other instances. Like i said, you (or not you you but some of you) are happy to have the advantage but when someone else has it its all winge and whine. Oh, that brings me to your "where's that fun in that". I don't understand how you don't get the simple concept that i play to have fun. I cube because its fun. I'm having a good time and that's why i'm still here. Not having fun? Go play something else. Want to make the game better? Then have a reasonable discussion with someone who is backing you up on your main point. Cubes are OP. If all three sides could come together for this one discussion and come up with some ideas it would be a positive thing for Qonqr. The devs could maybe "test" them. Implement those ideas temporarily and see if their revenue stream drops at all. Instead this is what happens: You: "Oh look at this guy he cubes like a crazy man!" Me: "Yes, its fun but i agree its op." You: "You're spoiling the game like a crazy man!" Me: "The devs need to tweak cubes." You: "You created ebola!" Me: "…." This is honesty what it feels like. You bring things up and blame me for stuff i had nothing to do with. Even when i agree with you, you keep on and on about how much money i spend and how much i cube. That's for the devs to change. Have a discussion. What does it serve to keep pointing the finger at me? It does nothing to solve your problem. I already go easy on certain zones and as i said i dont always go all out on Swarm. There is also a Legion player or two i try not to touch. It almost feels fake that should go easy on anyone. I should just play the game any which way i want to. But i don’t. Not always. This is where you truly show what kind of a guy you are. Instead of saying "they could not have known their age" or "i dont support that", you end up saying that its ok because he should have been 12 to play the game. So its ok to have insulted a player's 12 year old son? Ridiculous. More drama. Yeah that sounds like a great way to spend your days Intel. Sit back and watch a game die. And please stop speaking on Swarm’s behalf. Im sure if they wanted to complain they have as many fingers as you and the ability to form sentences. I am playing the game. That's exactly what im doing. The game wont die in the UK. If it dies you will see it all over the world. London Faceless have lost lots of players and they weren't cubed into quitting. They got bored. The game was not for them. Qonqr needs more features and i hope the devs get enough support and money so they can implement their ideas soon. Stop finger pointing and start discussing. Too long to proof read more then a couple of times and its 6:40 ish and bed is calling.
  6. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    Is Qonqrd like the borg? Anyway, your name was only in reference to the video i assume you made and the music selection i assumed you chose. Its quite possible you all got together and had an editing party (joking).
  7. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    I too was asked to step into this thread and respond….by none other then myself. Firstly, UKIntel (i assume it’s you), let me say the music in the second video is much better then the first. Great choice. The fight: I was on my way to the airport when I noticed an attack on City of London. Legion had about 200 bots in (we had 2.something million). Started clearing, informed UK Faceless of the attack. I called Krondell as well to make sure I had backup since I was soon going to be on a flight to a far off land. We then notice swarm attacking another zone at the same time. Lots of distraction tactics, leaving a small force on COL while the main enemy force moved onto Bayswater etc. I had about 4 hours worth of defending before my flight took off. We were on the runway literally about to start our take off before I turned on flight mode. Was the attack a success? That really depends on what you expected as an outcome but in my opinion i thought it was great for the game and put some pressure on us. I lost 2 low zones (thanks to Faceless defending otherwise it would have been many more). Fulham and Chigwell. The attacks were mostly focused on any zone where i was leading in bot count. Some other zones were captured and recaptured. Swarm and Legion took about 5 million bots off me i think. Not actually looked at the board since i landed back in the UK. I'll wait a little while longer before checking. The attacks did bring a lot of action to the table and I was frustrated not be part of it for those 10 days (and was slightly tempted to miss my flight…and that nearly happened. Another story for another time). Groupme exploded with chat and people had a blast attacking and defending zones that were being used as a ping pong ball. I don’t expect EU legion, or any side for that matter, to be relentlessly attacking a UK enemy. They have their own country to look after. I had also informed EU faceless to take advantage of the situation. We can’t expect people to loose ground in their own territory to deal with “that evil Arab who is ruining the game”. But saying that you can’t say it was 40 against 1 or 2 cubers. Like others have mentioned not all 40 were constantly attacking and all London Faceless and some UK helped defend these initial attacks. Its possible that you were let down by the EU side. I don’t know. Is no Limit cubing fair? Well if you look at past threads i have always stated my opinion very clearly. It is over powered. Limiting it in some way might be good. I'm not going to go through my entire idea but these types discussions usually get hijacked in some way and then its a dead thread with no one contributing to the ideas mentioned. Basically it was a limit per zone per/x time with rules if enemy players use cubes in the same zone (Here it is: http://community.qon...ng/page__st__20 ). I would also like to see log in bonuses that built up to 5 or 7 days with the last day being 1 cube as a reward. This won’t stop player who purchase cubes form buying more and gives people a chance to a: have a taste of cubes and b: build some up over time to use in an operation. Either way, whether or not this changes it does not stop cubing from being over powered. And to be fair it should be powerful. Just needs a little tweaking. Keep Atlantis as unlimited cubes or have certain strategic zones in each country as unlimited cubes but I think my idea is worth looking into. What is fair? Is it fair that when multi scoping was considered cheating and some Legion players made multiple accounts you were happy to associate with them? Is it fair even now when its legit to use use multiple accounts, that you get angry at someone who uses cubes when there are so many multiple accounts against us? Its hypocrisy. Some of you cube as well. So multiple accounts and cubes. No, you are right. Ill stop buying them and let you take over London while you claim you did it "fairly". To me it feels you just want the advantage on your side. Maybe that’s a normal human reaction. Bully tactics. Very offended anyone would call me a bully. Look through the forums to see how new players get treated and the messages that get sent back and forth between players. That's bullying. I’m never rude, even when I get rude messages. I never threaten anyone. I even use to welcome new enemy players to the game and have in the past told them to feel free to carry on attacking my zone to level up (with the intention to clear them eventually of course). I don’t anymore cause i have no idea if it’s a new player or someone’s alt account. I really don’t mind the constant complaints and finger pointing and all that. Its boring but carry on if that’s what you want. But to go so low as to call me a bully on the forums and try and paint me in that light is in my opinion a bit much. We have a legion player send an 11 year old rude messages and I’m the bully. Brilliant. As for the guy who said I took a 10 million bot Atlantis zone on my own. I almost don’t want to destroy the myth but i can’t recall this at all. Wish it was true. Maybe my memory is going. I've taken some with millions in them (2 to 4 maybe) but never alone. When is Atlantis a solo mission? I've also been spotted stealing people's new born children while flying off into the darkness cackling. Edited: Fixed an error where i said Legion instead of Faceless....also a couple of spelling mistakes i made.
  8. Stoppable Force

    Big grats to swarm.
  9. Qommnd site should be disabled!

    More sneak attacks. 24 hours might be a bit much. One hour is too little. By the way you should be able to deploy 5 times in 1 hour (if you have the playtime and you are not busy). It's approximately 20 minutes for your scope to recharge fully.
  10. Sustained Excessive Qubing

  11. iPhone 6 or a nokia lumia?

    For me its iPhone all the way. It really does depend on what you want out of the phone. Do you care about the build quality? Do you care about things like wireless charging (pointless if there is no range to it), does it bother you that certain things are restricted on IOS? Maybe the freedom of Android is better for you. However i have not had the pleasure of trying a windows phone. Been very tempted but just to "test" out rather then use as my main phone. Love testing gadgets/phones etc and not done this sort of thing in a while. I like that Windows have made, what looks like, a concious effort to be different. Android's birth was basically a copy of IOS. Not That Android is bad. Its just buggier (is that a word?) than IOS. Side note: Battery life of an iPhone. Out of the box it is poor at best. There are certain settings that are on by default that they should have set to off. Most users will never need them on and they drain the battery heavily. Very silly of them as most users will not know the cause of the drain and will give up on a product that only lasts half a day. Let me know if you want to know more about this but i suspect most people are already aware of this. It has become a copy cat industry. First everyone copies iPhone. Android gets some features that people love. IOS copies them. Jailbreak community then releases some popular features. Android and IOS copies them. The thing to remember is that its about finding a product that suits your needs. I can easily say that iPhones are an infinitely better build quality then most other phones but that might be irrelevant to you. Dont be fooled by processor speed tests either (benchmark tests). I think it was the end of last year that a couple of companies got caught cheating on them. Samsung was one of them. Its healthy to have competition in this market. Its good to have them all constantly trying to better the next. And there there are some good features on all 3 (IOS, Windows, Android). Its also nice that they are not all 100% the same, even with all the rip offs.
  12. Sustained Excessive Qubing

    You are right. I read the OP and did not bother reading the replies. Sorry about that. Ok i think the main complaint is that some people are able to tear down a zone fast while other players are defending said zone. Im not sure people are as upset about someone building towers. New players often contact other players from their side (or we contact them) and back them up. Most new players are noticed and im sure all three sides (in the UK at least) make a concious effort to help them establish themselves. Not every player is a "lonely rebel". It all depends where they play from. I dont see a problem with new players and their current inability to take down a big zone. That's how it should be. If a new players starts he/she is low level with a low level scope. The option is there for them to buy cubes if they really feel the need to power through a zone, level up fast and buy their upgrades straight away. Otherwise they have to do it like most other players have had to. Its up to us to make it easier on them and help them through their training levels. Its not up to the game to make it easy. They will get bored and quit. The only new players i feel need some help from the game are those that are truly alone in an area surrounded by enemies. Something like an "outnumbered" bonus. That could be discussed in another thread as it is unrelated to this subject. Not everyone who has towers spends money on this game. All of a sudden they have to maintain their bots. Your giving more power to the people who spend money here not the other way round. Players would have to maintain their bots (bit dull gameplay wise i would think, to have to "rebot" your zone over and over) and sacrifice attacking or defending (im not sure on time-scale here. Every week? Every month? It makes a difference). Of the top ten players in the UK or in England only 1 to my knowledge spends money. And he is not number 1. Your going to upset a lot of people with a change like this. I repeat: Not all towers are a product of cubes. Eventually everyone will have to constantly be redeploying to keep their zones or get bored and stop playing. Actually the other option is just go full attack and not care about defence. The game is already repetitive with lack of new features and things to do. This will kill the playerbase in my opinion making it a game of nothing but sending def into the same zones every xx days/weeks because your bots are running out of power. Or a game where all you do is attack with no actual objective as no one will want to defend a zone with bots that are slowly dying AND there would be no point building a zone up high. I do like what Roosterman said though: If you could fire a maintenance bot into the zone to "recharge" your faction bots then i guess it might be something else for us to do. But the current bots (ZA, Def etc) with a lifespan? No. In my opinion it is a very bad idea and would not work. Most of the people who will want this are those who just focus on attack and don't want to defend. They will love this feature. I prefer the game to give you several options of gameplay (attack, defend, build, a mix) rather then a game where attacking is the only efficient way to play. The idea might have worked had the game started off like this (i still dont think it would have worked to be honest). With a lifespan on your bots, we would have kept are zones low on numbers. Say maybe a few hundred k. That would then lead to zones being taken far too easily. Also, this wont stop "excessive use of cubes" to murder a zone. We are trying to discuss ways of balancing cubes so they are not so "YOUR DEAD" and a little more "i've stabbed you and your bleeding....to death". Either way, its not really about the idea not working. Its more about the idea not effecting the issue in this thread.
  13. Sustained Excessive Qubing

    Rumad. I read the OP and not sure how this is related. He is talking about bots having a lifespan. We are talking about excessive use of cubes. I do agree that the ideas so far might lessen the revenue for QONQR but if several proposed ideas and a few tweaks were implemented at the same time (see feedback page) it might encourage others to buy cubes. On side note, i like the idea that your bots would deteriorate if you have not logged into the game in say 3 or 4 months. Not an instant deletion of your bots but that they would slowly "die" out after a specific period of inactivity. I do not however like the idea of the bots we currently have (ZA, DEF, etc) having a shelf life. Either way i dont see how they are related to the overuse of cubes and how they can give you such an imbalanced advantage over several players.
  14. Sustained Excessive Qubing

    A few suggested ideas so far: 1- Limit the amount of refreshes allowed per/hour. Could possibly be a limit per zone rather then an overall limit. Could have your limit "refreshed" if someone else refreshes and attacks that particular zone. Two versions of this. Version 1: You're attacking zone A. You have used your limit of refreshes and deployed in that zone. You can carry on refreshing but if you try and deploy into zone A you would get a message similar to what you get in the bottom three Atlantis zones. You can still deploy into other zones. Possible addition: If someone who recently refreshed attacks zone A that would allow you to carry on refreshing again. Numbers to be discussed and tested. Version 2: Once you have used your allocated amount of refreshes per hour you can not refresh at all. Would work in the same way the scope overheat cools down. So 1 hour after your first refresh. My least favourite of the two versions. 2- Diminishing returns. Im not sure i like this but worth looking into. The more you refresh the fewer bots you regain. EG: first 10 refreshes at 500 bots, the next 10 at 400, the next at 300, all the way down to 100. Again would work as per scope overheat. 3- Refreshes should effect your scoop overheat. A few things to consider: Are bot and energy refresh packs on the same limit/timer or considered separate. The amount of packs we can use an hour and still allow for a good revenue stream for the company. If another player uses a refresh and attacks the zone, should that reset your limit? QONQR needs more things to do and it also needs more things to buy. I have to say that these ideas are going to encourage multiscoping. Lastly i apologise for the excessive use of the word "refresh".
  15. Sustained Excessive Qubing

    Im not sure what you mean.
  16. Sustained Excessive Qubing

    Wait a second! DirtyArab? Who told you? You have cameras in my house? Anyway, really? You that upset with me that you have to try and be rude? Ive been called worse. Ive called myself worse. Actually dirtyarab is one of my emails. Firstly: I have 0 interest in Atlantis and only involved myself because of a call for a help a few days ago. Im not sure ill be going back to it when it resets. Secondly: I agree about the limit on refreshes. I posted about it in that linked thread. Few tweaks. Maybe no limit if your defending a zone your faction controls. Maybe refresh the limit if someone else refreshes. I dont know. There is lots to think about. Let me make this clear: I have no complaints my end on anyone refreshing. I just see the imbalance and wish the devs would look into it and come up with something that still makes them money AND will keep the non paying casual players happy. But lets not be unrealistic about what we expect. If they change too much they might end up losing the people who pay and keep this game alive. Thirdly: You guys do realise that you lot were refreshing as hard as i was right? Other Faceless were refreshing as well but ill let them speak for themselves. I honestly thought you Rooster and Willie (maybe others sorry if i did not notice) were having a good time fighting other people equally matched. You made me work hard. The fight did not stop for ages. You dont find it a little odd that you guys are happy to refresh for a few hours straight but when you give up/lose/dont want to spend any more then you come on the forums, complain about me directly and want a limit on refreshes? Cant you just say "good fight". I thought it was a great fight. Was struggling like mad. We all went crazy for a few hours but none of you had fun? Why play at all if you don't enjoy it? Why did you bother refreshing at all? Ive been saying limit refreshes from the start cause i saw the imbalance. I didnt wait till i lost a fight to suddenly have this opinion. 10v1? Rubbish. Give me 40 to 50 non refreshing players against one unlimited refreshing player and that "cuber" will win. So you were happy to plamsa bomb refresh the xxxx out of compass the other day, and from the looks of it right now as i type this. But your enemies must not do the same? And even though you have twice the number of players involved in Atlantis (this round) then we do and cooperating with Legion, we are somehow spoiling the game by using refreshes. Surely this is the perfect time to be using them. (Not complaining about Swarm and Legion teaming up against Faceless. Its a viable tactic).
  17. Daily Coolant

    I think the OP meant that when you use it your scope is no longer overheated. Then you deploy and you overheat as normal. I like the idea but not as a free gift every 24hours. It would be nice if you would need to do "something" to get one rather then everyone getting one.
  18. The problem with cubes

    I'm not sure on the melting bots idea Trustar.... Im also not into paying a small amount to stop others from refreshing. Not sure this will generate enough money at all. Ok so this is what i think: There needs to be a max amount of refreshes usable in a period of time. I dont know what the time frame should be or the number of refreshes, ill leave that to the devs, but there needs to be a limit. Like a refresh overheat. However i also think that if lets say i reach my limit, and an enemy player also uses refreshes and deploys into the same zone, that i would then be able to use some more refreshes. The devs need to make money and this would be a good way for them not to limit two cash players from fighting it out. This also gives a group of people who dont pay a fighting chance against one cuber. I know ive not been specific on numbers etc but there could be a testing period implemented by the devs to figure all this out.
  19. New Feature - Sync Lock

    What do you think of the idea of getting rid of sync protection? So money or no money we are all on the same boat when it comes to sync lock. Personally im not too happy with the change. It has not effected me or anyone i know and i don't see how it will in the future. None of my friends live close by. On the nights they are at mine we can just make sure to deploy at different times. I just don't like the way it targets family and those who live with each other. I love the idea of infecting someone's scope though. But this is all guesswork and, in my opinion, possibly harming the players who play with friends and family. Lets see how it evolves. Also not too happy with the range being so long. 2KM? Cant we be more accurate with where someone is deploying from? Lastly, for those happy to talk rubbish about me going out and buying 10 phones (do you realise how ridiculous you sound?), i have 3 devices and have had the same account on all three devices. Not interested in multi-anything unless its an ****. <----Filtered but ill give you a guess: Women have multiples of these.
  20. New Feature - Sync Lock

    This DA bloke sounds like a menace. We should find him and kick him in the taint.
  21. Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    Oi! I got carried away (and didn't read the description properly...twice).
  22. Faceless in London UK

    How dare you speak this way about your capital!