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  1. Trying to figure out some quotes for prerecording for my Prometheus costume update. Any suggestions for quotes besides what I might have on the bumper stickers from AIQGear?
  2. iPhone 6 or a nokia lumia?

    Can access the files from either the SD card on he phone itself or as a mobile drive.
  3. Windows 8 Tablet

    Nope, it can't. Only WP can in the Microsoft sphere of things. Anything with the desktop sort, can use the QONQR app for viewing zones and such.
  4. Now Available for WP8: Qomics App

    If you like it, leave a review too, please.
  5. Now Available for WP8: Qomics App

    The app actually doesn't access anything but the internet to download comic pages. It was built with the appstudio available by Microsoft. I'm not that programming savy to be able to modify the file it creates that I upload to the WP store. So all of those requirements are actually false. I can send the source code if you want to verify the code yourself.
  6. Read the Qonqr Comics from your phone without having to go through the site. Approved and allowed by Qonqr LLC Available for free here: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/qomics/addff002-bb23-42d9-9131-662df5f28516
  7. iPhone 6 or a nokia lumia?

    The last 3 phones I've had were Windows based phones and it has come a decent way. Yes, there is a smaller marketshare, but it is growing slowly. At least try it out. If not the MS store, there are are other phones besides the Nokias. I went with the AtivSNeo because I could chenge out the battery if I wanted to keep the phone for a bit longer without upgrading.
  8. Weapons Cache

    Sounds very familiar to a feature proposed by someone around here. Maybe there could be a timeout features for how long a cache can be accessed by different accounts, or for how long a cache can be accessed in all. Such as 2-5 minutes before another person can access it, and maybe within a day or a week, or for how many people. Also might want to add how much a cache has in it, so when its out, can either be deleted or wait for a refill. This might also be able to be restricted to only certain factions? Could also be very useful for use by the faction leaders on twitter for their faithful followers. Many possible uses, also maybe as a geocache sort of thing for retailers or other player to meetup. I wouldn't mind being able to use this at my recruitment center in SecondLife. So would this auto give a QR code to use, or just a link for the cache?
  9. Spam

    It'll keep happening unless some kind of visual verification when signing up is added to keep them from joining. Might want to nudge Silver about looking into something like that.
  10. QONQR logo icons

    I have the rank ones done and up, looking into the other badges, achievements, etc.
  11. Qonqr qards

    In the PDF, it allows you to click on the name box to change it, and the spot for the QR code click on it to add the QR Code image to the space before printing.
  12. Every Hidden Medal

    Actually Onyx, I have 3 hidden medals you don't have... so technically you don't have all the hidden medals.
  13. Qonqr qards

    Download the Download the template, fill in your name, and QR code on the back and print off some on BCD cardstock, preperfed works well.
  14. Or look in my awards at the bottom.
  15. Graphics Packs

    Added rank icons in faction colors as well as black and white. Have fun!