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  1. Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    We are experiencing the same problem: the P2W player movement in the Seattle area. I have only been playing since Oct '13 but many of the folks playing for over a year say this isn't what Seattle was like previous. There are also people leaving the other two teams (that do not have the same number of P2W players) in increasing amounts. The two things that imho will kill this game: P2W is not a game of skill. It's a game of whom wants to pay more. One of the seattle teams includes folks that tend to cube a take over now, once a week. I'm seeing a greater number of players on the other teams say "this game isn't fun anymore, I'll take a break". Without a growing set of players, this game will not survive. For areas with many players, it's impossible for new players to experience the fun of taking a base. The rate of change becomes slower and slower with greater build up which reduces the excitement for a L50-100 in taking a base even with friends. There are many ways to change the revenue model *and* make the game fun. Having a percentage loss in bots thru time would reduce the overall build up (i've looked a the graphs). Changing the monetization to allow cubing (but put limits on the rate per hour such that one person cannot dominate 5 other players for instance). There are other ideas that would help this as well.