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  1. State of Atlantis

    3 zones allow refresh 3 zones not allow refresh equal for me, logically, equal.
  2. Break Out of Sync Lock

    i think now second id sync lock can not record history, everyday second id is a new day, they exchange account to login. everyone is suspicious, even today fail to sync lock him, the other day they also can become have second id with swapping id to login. and also most important, remote far location player giving id to let somebody to login to fully support instead of just missiles, and swap acc to another player each day, people try to guessing who is multiscope and sync lock record down the history is **** now, because everyday the second id is a new fresh day in new location. within a small town, or a small area, with this strategy enemy can ownage. and the sync lock system totally corrupted.

    gratz~~ good work
  4. misunderstanding me okok i shut up and keep quiet
  5. Dear Eric (I have to refrain myself from using the title our group gave you), If your Legion member can have partner launching with them at 4am (our group have funny jokes about this) quote hellstrike
  6. ok, 5-6 kurnetto 8xxx 6-7 kurnetto 17xxx cshao memang hard to sleep she sometimes launch midnight but she didn't call anyone to help launch, so our side i wont tell bots how much la but kurnetto sometimes launch midnight and today seems no (just early wake up), when pressure he will launch midnight one. so don make funny on ppl who launch at midnight == because your teammate also got, last 7 days seriously kurnetto and BFG launch at midnight ==
  7. ok, i reply properly to my respecful enemy, i mean it really respecful. now i realize one things, we think you all super active like nerd, but you all think us also the same we think you all launching at midnight frequently, but you all think us also the same again is really true, how we look at enemy, enemy also look at us the same == if tomorrow morning i free, i will tell here who is launching at midnight, obviously every morning i saw launching at midnight is kurnetto, previously is rizzie360 and missde, but they don't these few weeks. this morning i saw is kurnetto launching at midnight increase about 11k, samhoo my teammate also have launch at midnight about 8k if i don remember wrong. be very honest la, our chat didn't make fun of our enemies and call "title" on them lo, we use your in game name only but why you all give title leh, just call ingame name ok we don't make funny on enemy, we just enjoy the game ok the game is so much fun one, and without enemy fighting it will be very boring, so we don't feel depress or sad or any negative feelings when we lose or being attack, we enjoying actually, is not the end of the world mah. hellstrike if you ask me where to you want to missiles i also don't know how to answer you, just missiles anywhere you prefer zerotwo, i really thanks your vouch, i hope it is, and i respect you too, never make funny on you. i talking about multi scope is not talk so much, so don't use my quote to me == just enjoy the game play, and we can discuss on the topic which is multi scoping, we both side don't like multi scoping right? so we prevent it to happen on malaysia and singapore lo lastly, please don't bring out any hatred. maybe we just can hate multiscope, other than that we enjoy and don't hate enemy.
  8. actually, our enemy also got ppl launching at midnight everyday lo, i forever same time sleep same time wake up one, you ask kurnetto.
  9. finally you both saw me, haha
  10. like this i also can multi scope, i receive your pm say is same IP i reply you sorry it is my young brother, problem solve. OR i just stop deploy and keep harvest, why not?
  11. let me tell you all truely player, this is how support team not straight to the point, not enough cruel, not enough strict to player who multi scope, he reply me this. Eric, Good morning. Thank you for your report. We did investigate and found two of the accounts seem to be coming from the same house and IP address but the third is not. The two that are are two different devices. This can sometime just be 2 people playing together. There is evidence that points to it being 2 different individuals, however we have contacted the players and advised them that muti-scoping isn't allowed and if this is the case that they need to stop or be banned. so stupid, please be more cruel and strict to player who multiscope the player i mention above, he is no using the second acc to deploy anymore after support team msg him, the second acc is harvesting consistenly everyday, and upgrades is going up, peoples seems like it is inactive, but it it NOT inactive, he is just second acc keep harvesting and one day he will strongly use more and more missiles fight back. wake up ok gadgerson. send what message and warning, be more strict la wei, chinese got one word say, "willing to kill wrong 100, but not let the one which wrong go off"
  12. really? so terrible my region here and my singapore teammate fighting with enemy with multi scope so hard to against them sad
  13. the more pressure you had, the more you showing that you are multiscoping i see you
  14. the more pressure you had, the more you showing that you are multiscoping