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  1. Earit Looks terrible in red

    Earit, come back to the good side. Plus Im back in the game so thats another good reason.
  2. Anyone miss me?

    Would it be wrong to say I like your profile pic Gadge?
  3. Anyone miss me?

    Thanks everyone. Earit I have the Onelpus one. I love it, Oh and Im from Toledo Oh
  4. Anyone miss me?

    Good to be back, thanks Messuna
  5. Anyone miss me?

    I'm back after it seems like forever. Except now I have a new phone and I cant get it working
  6. Tru Story Discussion Thread

    I didn't know you wanted some input on the thread Trustar, I will send them to you though. Keeping the story threads nice and clutter free.
  7. Seattle Faceless Meetup - HiFi Brewing

    I need to do some more recruiting to make this happen
  8. "death star" zones

    lol. I like this idea. If only we could reach that far leigh
  9. Battle Engine Rewrite is Complete

    Though not as high as numbers.
  10. Battle Engine Rewrite is Complete

    New additions in a week or so eh? Could one of these be a pic that was posted on the Android beta G+ ?
  11. "death star" zones

    Its sounding like its either going to be left as a massive tower or take a massive strategic ploy to take this down. MASSIVE!
  12. QONQR Comic

    Thats because faceless are where its at.
  13. Flippers

    They call him "Flipper."
  14. Has Qonqr lost its luster?

    However something new would be nice to see. Anything!