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  1. NYC faceless announcement

    Sad to see you go. Was lovely fighting along side you and against you. Things change in game and in life, and although you wont be playing anymore, hope to see you back some day again. With much respect.
  2. What's in a name?

    Lol ^
  3. Best Kill Ratio

    My best: 37,385 http://postimg.org/image/bwfz63lvh/
  4. What's in a name?

    When I was younger, the group of friends I was in had 4 Mikes, so people used to call the Mikes by their last name. Nobody could pronounce my last named so they started calling me Queetz (Kwee-ettes) which by sound is close to the real pronunciation of my last name. I pronounce Queetz as Kweets though.
  5. Oop...where'd they go?

    Alaska, good luck.
  6. Oop...where'd they go?

    Actually, he quit Qonqr and didn't want his bots being killed unchallenged. He's on record as saying if he ever comes back, he'll be Faceless again. So yeah, nothing to see here. Faceless sucks, we are doomed, dings is our terrible leader, etc. Carry on.
  7. Props to East Coast Legion

    Great job to Legion, very impressed! Historical I'm sure.
  8. Letter of resignation (half serious)

    Seek help. You're obsessed with dings, you're not funny, you're trying too hard.
  9. Sore Losing?

    Ha, join the Swarm....I left Swarm for that very reason. No thanks.
  10. Pot calling the kettle black. Right at this moment you have 2 teammates inoculated. Also, week ago you had 4 players who were constantly being sync'd. Get over it, we all have to deal with it.
  11. Same faction, but....

    For the record, I love dings.
  12. Unstoppable Force

    Monk is drunk again. Victory by your own hands? You op'd a zone of mine during the last 2 hours of Atlantis (Everyone knows Monkey ops are always on Friday at 6) and still failed to amount to anything. That zone has been hit 3 times by your washed up swarmings and its failed all 3 times. You're not a leader, stop pretending to be!
  13. Where's OUR developer????

    PS Swarm we have missed you in Atlantis
  14. new iPhone on the horizon means...?

    Lol, incremental WP updates. Yep, 8.1 is pretty incremental....
  15. QONQR update

    *double post*