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  1. Blue Server changes FAQ

    Shield Decay is Enabled. Question: The selected opponent is still selected upon shield strength? Is the opponent selection algorithm based on current shields or full strength Shields? Does this mean that the long retired person is less likely to be selected if there's active players bots in the zone?
  2. NYC faceless announcement

    I will mis CAS for sure
  3. I love Qonqr. Intro and Background: I’ll give you a History of me on the game. I was born to Qonqr in Puerto Rico, Legion was the weak faction there and so I was born into Legion. In Puerto Rico is an island of 100miles wideX 35 miles across. There are more than 3000 territories in that space. I loved Qonqr being played against 6 people total with that many territories around. A capture was assured every time you checked in. and that was fun. I am also a very offensively minded player, so the defensive aspect of the game was never an enjoyable part of the game. Seattle: Summer of 2013 I moved to the Greater Seattle Area. Legion was a good group, the swarm had a healthy group and the faceless had big group that spent some money in some battles in the area. This was also fun but also frustrating because when 20-30 people defend the battles can get pretty intense (and kind of spendy). Legion lost some team members, and I switched to the swarm group in order to have better balance in battles, (and I felt left out). I later set about achieving all the hidden defection medals( I am legion at heart), so I spent 120 days in each faction. I have also spent a fair amount of dollars in this game. The greater Seattle area has many veteran players, We keep an all teams Groupme group to socialize and sometimes trash talk each other. But I understand that this type of group is fairly rare in the game. The actives in the area are about 30 players across all factions. Current status of the game: Looking at most major metropolitan areas (where the people are). I see Million bot towers that I assume are fully supported. It makes me wonder what the original vision for the game was: A dynamic map where things have the potential to change every day? Or a hopelessly gridlocked game where high fully supported towers are the norm? The Ingress Problem: I am fairly exited for blue version of Qonqr. But I recently tried out ingress for Iphone. This game is similar to Qonqr in some ways but very different. The dynamic is different in that your range never improves over 30 meters. So you can’t really play from the comfort of bed or couch. You have to walk somewhere to capture anything. You also have to link your current portals (zones) to create fields. You also have to recharge your Resonators (defensive bots) every 3 days in order to maintain a portal. The game is many times over more complex than Qonqr. But It has an order of magnitude more players in the area. This might be due to the platform that it is on, but since the range is so small, it forces players to actually meetup in order to capture a heavily defended zone. This meetups happen every day and the map changes as a result. Since you can’t get up and defend a portal when it’s under attack by 5-10 players you are pretty much guaranteed a meetup of the other side to take it back sometime this week. This creates a virtuous cycle of engagement with the players. So much so that the GROUPME community for Ingress is tiered: A welcome group that redirects you to your local chat (as soon as a trusted operative confirms your scope as good). Also the monetizing of the game is different. Ingress monetizing is gathering human movement for Google (and corporate sponsors), and Qonqr is primarily player supported, so that is a challenge, but the side effect is that no player can buy their way to victory. This creates more community, as the only way to victory on the map is to work together. It surprised me to know that ingress is younger than Qonqr. But the community of Ingress is Way more involved with their game than we are. Part of The Problem, and part of the solution The problem IMO is that all the zones are fully supported, and that will not change anytime soon, anywhere. Most of the support around here is from inactive players. Maybe that is the case everywhere, I don’t know. I propose the following mechanism for at least having a chance at eroding support, get more kills to the players and have a chance to change the map in your local area. I propose that you introduce Divert field decay (not shield decay). This effect would be implemented like the shield decay. Amended from the Blog “After a player has failed to launch in QONQR for 30 days, the divert field will decrease by 1% each additional day they fail to launch a new formation. Launching in any zone will immediately reset the clock and put your divert field back to 100%. My thinking is that this divert field will bring old inactive support to the front of the battle lines, motivating players and encouraging battles, It would also encourage redundant support from active players and spending of game credits on support, which is always good for Qonqr. What say You Qonqr Comunity? There is a poll on the top of the page, be sure to vote, as I might be crazy and nobody agrees with me.
  4. it works out to a fair deal. But be aware that there are limits. you can only claim a cache once every 24 hrs. I ended up creating about 20 different caches that I raided every day for items and ammo. So that I could use stuff for my scope. while making some caches available to my local faction, and sometimes the whole faction in Atlantis. It worked out for a while. (until it ran out) If you have specific questions, let me know.
  5. Well according to this blog post ( http://tmblr.co/ZCCG6v1Ahplgh) the threat level is no longer used to select the target, so the implementation is futile. We will take what we can get.
  6. I originally posted that on the merc Channel, To Clarify: The Overlake area is the main campus of Microsoft. Many players start and quit there, in the past a post on the blog, it was one of two areas that have more than 100 players. The Swarm dominate the Seattle Metro by a wide margin however some of their players have retired. But more of both faceless and Legion players have retired. I imagine the situation getting worse for the local opposition since swarm team is currently at 15-25 actives Vs 10 for each other faction. So the bot decay will favor the bigger faction locally since we would not be able to cover inactive bots, but they would, since the actives can just cover with more defense. What tetra is proposing is the following: While the shield of the abandoned bot is degraded, he would lose the camouflage provided by the similarity to the shields of other bots in the zone by the same amount, therefore raising the threat the attacker sees while selecting a target for attack. So the degradation off the shield, brings the proportional raise in threat level. If we are messing with the stats of existing bots, we can surely mess with two stats instead of one stat. What say you Qonqr Community?
  7. Qonqr is playable in ios on either ipad, iphone and iphones. Can we expect the app to run on windows tablets in the future as they transition into windows 10?
  8. Dings90 Atlantis Zone

    you would be proud of the marching orders given in groupme. Take Dings!! take dings now!!! all in on Dings!! the 90 were nowwhere to be found
  9. Atlantis Feb 2015 - Legion Win

    Congrats and see you next month. Celebrate by using this: http://portal.qonqr.com/WeaponsCache/Offer/414703ea-f35f-4682-a4b2-f0f016345901
  10. Qonqr addiction

    I suggest you take a 1 week break, being on vacation from Qonqr. I have been where you are. Trust me you need an intervention.
  11. Windows 8 Tablet

    Also it is easier to spoof location on a computer than on a phone. And most computers do not a a GPS antenna to verify your location. The tablet you are considering probably wont.
  12. Winning Atlantis

    I feel like most of the ideas put forward by Qonqr for Atlantis were discussed at some length at the Faceless Town Hall Atlantis meeting we had with Silver the other day. The concern of the faction at that time was that most members did not have an incentive to play since the faction won the "first" atlantis. We floated some ideas around and straight up suggested the rewards (along with some other ideas that were shot down). Most members of that channel now agree that having the rewards for this month is a change in rules in the middle of the game. (Faceless did not stack as high as the others, giving us a distinct disadvantage). Which is not fair. But I would also understand the point of view of other factions that have invested significant amount of resources in winning the battle. That said most players in atlantis play for the fun so I suggest rewards start in August.
  13. Qonqr gamer council

    I agree
  14. New Feature - Sync Lock

    tough but fair