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  1. A Letter of Resignation

    This makes four players that I know of who have quit (or refused to come back, in my case) because of this one specific feature; I wonder how many have joined because of it?
  2. The 'Lets Fix SyncLock' Thread

    Call me old fashioned, but the players shouldn't have to police themselves. I'm sure there may be, but I can't think of a single other game where a player can penalize another player without developer involvement. I have nothing but respect for Silver & Co., but when I first heard of this it felt like they said "Screw it, we can't keep up with cheaters, you guys do it yourselves. And we found a way to make a few bucks from it besides, so win-win, right?" Getting back on topic, my suggestion to fix sync lock? Scrap it. In my opinion, there are no redeeming features of this plan; not only does it actively allow players to grief other players, it essentially absolves cheating by letting players buy forgiveness, and that was determined to be a bad idea over 500 years ago. Do I have a better idea? Nope. I have ideas, but I'm sure most have already been considered and rejected. All I bring to the table to help is 'I think this feature is hurting the game more than helping it', and a quick tally of the pro- and anti-sync posts tells me I'm not in the minority.
  3. Sync-Lock isn't that bad

    If you go into lvl5 overheat twice (or three times, or more) as fast, all you can do during that time is harvest; your scope is indeed, effectively, locked. Like you said, semantics. ( :
  4. Sync Lock *easter egg* Unlock

    At the risk of making a sweeping generalization, cheaters are lazy; they want maximum impact for minimum effort. That being said, unless they have a personal vendetta against a specific individual, it'd be much easier to simply use all that time and extra firepower to just blast away and get pretty much the same results. In other words, I believe it's possible, but too much work for widespread use.
  5. Qonqr- pushing families apart everywhere

    I stopped playing a few months ago because of Reasons, but I do enjoy the game and follow the forums, etc. to see if some new crazy cool feature is announced that's enough to 'force' me to come back. This... isn't it. When I first started playing, I recruited everyone I could in what used to be a rather desolate area, and because of that I know personally nearly every Faceless around. What that means is I used to go to work where there's 3-5 Faceless in my same office building, then go home and deploy with my wife and son. And I have *never* launched on another's device. Just ask the stink-eye I got when I woke up my pregnant wife at 2am to help me defend a zone. ( : Anyway, in going over the new changes, if I came back I'd have to; Coordinate nearly every deployment I make down to the second with several people; Make sure I'm nowhere in the same physical vicinity of my friends when I deploy, or buy some kind of 'anti sync-lock insurance'. None of them sound like they'd enrich my game experience, and the last one just sounds like a variation of the Mafia protection racket ("Give us money, and nothing bad will happen to you"). I can't really say I'm overjoyed at the changes.

    You can try to spin it however you want, but spying is a dishonorable act that has no place in a game (war, as you said, yes; this is not war. It's a game). The faction forums are split up for this exact reason, and by switching factions to gain a competitive advantage you subvert that mechanic. You asked earlier, "Are you not a good faction member if you do this?" I would say No, you are not; when you leave your faction, all your bots are destroyed; unless you're a new player (in which case you don't incur a penalty anyway) or don't deploy much, you're giving up a significant and guaranteed tactical advantage for a possible and potentially useless informational one.

    I don't think this was meant to 'reward' spying. The way Gadg describes it, it looks like it's more for the people who legitimately change factions, and don't have to be penalized for it.
  8. ...."Please be more cruel"? Really?
  9. Subliminal Messages?

    On the scope, Attack is red, Defend is green, and Support is purple.... which happen to be the faction colours. Is there a hidden meaning here...?
  10. Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    Most free games with IAP (Freemium, P2W, whatever you want to call it) survive because of the 'whales'; people who spend ridiculous amounts of money on IAP, which basically subsidizes the game for everyone who doesn't. In other words, how pretty much every Zynga game gets paid for. This means two things; If you're someone who doesn't spend money on the game, maybe once in a while you should thank cubers for financing it in between rants about them. If you're someone involved in making the game, one of your biggest mantras should be; 'Don't scare away the whales'. That second point is important. If 95% of your money comes from 5% of the player base, you're not going to do anything that would cause them to stop spending money on your game, which is what most suggestions I've seen would do; cubers are paying for an advantage, and if you take away the advantage they'll simply stop playing (and paying). Once the whales leave, the development funding goes with it, and the game will dry up and die. In short, this means that coming up with some way to prevent cubers from spending so much money is the wrong approach. If you really want 'fair', the only way to achieve that is by player parity; either everyone pays or no one pays.
  11. Facebook Challenge accepted

    The funny part is that the Faceless reclaimed it back two hours later. Still, jolly good show, sir!
  12. Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    Hypothetical question: Say QONQR went from 'Pay to Win' to 'Pay to Play'... in other words, became a subscription game. The ability to purchase qubes with real money was removed, and everyone was charged, say, five bucks a month (or equivalent). You could level up to 30 as a free trial, but to progress beyond that you'd need to pay a monthly fee. Would you still play?
  13. Lore? What lore?

    So, beyond the faction descriptions and the comics, is there any on-going plot? As boring as Ingress is once you hit max level, one thing they did get right is an amazingly rich backstory that continues to evolve; weekly news reports, Twitter feeds, live meet-ups, etc. A weekly QONQR podcast (the QONQast?) would be awesome at this; you could have a highlight reel of major ops during the week, as well as 'news reports' on what's going on with major characters and themes in-game. You could even have the players influence the lore; a major coup for a certain faction could spell success for that faction's leader. P.S. I realize the faction 'leaders' do have Twitter feeds now, but mostly what I've seen of them is retweets of recruiting posts and replies to comments/ questions; nothing that advances the QONQR story.
  14. New Feature Added to Portal

    How exactly are you defining 'new'? Accounts created within a certain interval, or simply sub-100 accounts? Some people level (comparatively) slowly, and could be 'new' for quite some time.
  15. Cube Spending, by region

    Speaking as objectively as possible... If you visibly attribute a metric to a faction (especially one that's commonly viewed as unpopular), it's not outside the realm of possibility that everyone in that faction could become stigmatized by association; "Oh, you're in x, you must do y."