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  1. iOS and Windows Regen Rate Differences

    I don't know. The Time I measured it I already had a 8200 Tank... Those Values are Generated by the Qonqr Servers. I directly read them from the Network Communication in my Wifi Network. So yes. It is equal for everyone.
  2. iOS and Windows Regen Rate Differences

    These are the Refill Rates I measured some Time ago. They are based on a 8200 Bot Tank
  3. Introducing: The QONQR Spy Network

    Seriously Guys? If someone decides to open a Spy Network why shouldn't they? We are on the Internet. Everything is allowed (except breaking the ToS )
  4. "Pending" free cubes on iOS

    What People are willing to do for some Cubes... I have some Apps in pending State but just don't care Make life much more easy
  5. Double zones - Guide?

    I volunteer to do it for Germany.
  6. iOS Earning Cubes Offerwall

    For the last 3 or so Days it always get a "Temporarily unavaliable" Message on the Website that normally redirects me to the Appstore...
  7. Double zones - Guide?

    Where is the Point of building an Automated Script for merging? Most of the Double Zones have the exact same Coordinates. So finding those shouldn't be very difficult. For the actual merging just put every Bot and Base from Zone B into Zone A and delete Zone B. That's what I would try greetings gnomus
  8. iOS Earning Cubes Offerwall

    Just tried it for the First Time and it worked like a charm.