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  1. Props to East Coast Legion

    pew pew pew pew
  2. Sync Lock Day 2

    I often play this game with friends and family, and some have already been effected by this. Its not fair, we've never cheated. We've even supported the game with cubes when possible. There is no way I can see that this ends well for loyal players unless you outright remove the feature. I did send an email silver, and would rather discuss this further on groupme if possible. Should you see it, please tell me how to add you
  3. New Feature - Sync Lock

    Sorry to hear that Wright.
  4. New Feature - Sync Lock

    Again, I disagree.
  5. I seriously doubt they expected to be met with this response. Though I've been told their email responses indicate they don't give a dam. Hope it was worth losing so many loyal players silver. Major mistakes have major consequences
  6. New Feature - Sync Lock

    This idea really should have been run by the entire community before implemented. Shows the devs don't really care about our opinions
  7. Qonqr- pushing families apart everywhere

    Its a slap in the face to loyal players.
  8. New Feature - Sync Lock

    Check your messages wright
  9. I demand a refund or a quick removal of this feature.
  10. Schnarff'd

    Better yet bombard qonqr support with emails and threads until they do what's right
  11. New Feature - Sync Lock

    If you really are those players, the you should be fined or banned for violating the tos at that time. I can't be bothered to read your whole post as its mostly nonsense, but still
  12. New Feature - Sync Lock

    Still gonna disagree. This was a bad move. Haven't heard from silver recently, he really needs to jump in and start explaining
  13. New Feature - Sync Lock

    Several good players have already quit over this nonsense. Game is officially ruined. Congrats qonqr staff
  14. New Feature - Sync Lock

    I can say one thing for sure, if I ever get back into this fully I'll never spend another cent on this game
  15. New Feature - Sync Lock

    I just don't see it. I choose not to multi scope, I haven't ever needed too. The fact that I can get locked for playing with family is just a slap in the face from the qonqr staff
  16. New Feature - Sync Lock

    Its all about the money, plain and simple.
  17. New Feature - Sync Lock

    I shouldn't have to go out of my way to prevent sync lock, plain and simple. Its an additional burden that wasn't needed, and it completely ruins several proven strategies.
  18. New Feature - Sync Lock

  19. New Feature - Sync Lock

    I pretty much only play with friends and family. This has literally killed the game for me, not that its that exciting anymore anyway... But still. Needs to be removed asap
  20. New Feature - Sync Lock

    This is a bad idea no matter how you look at it. Some will probably even quit because of this, I know I'm considering it. Wanted new features but not this
  21. MrBizzy

    I'm in
  22. Attention Qonqr Agents

    Heard someone say traitor huh monk?
  23. Attention Qonqr Agents

    Three factions is enough. Honestly people like you who rat out their own are what's ruining the game. Spies and traitors deserve to be banished. Plus you've broken your own rules red, you know what I'm referring to.