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  1. Evansville, IN - GPF Meetup, March 8

    Well I will be there and that's the important part.
  2. GPF is conducting their first meet up on March 8 at Turoni's restaurant in Evansville, IN. GPF is a multi-faction group of friends that span across eight states (as of now).
  3. GPF - if you don't know, now you know.

    We're not forcing our play style on anyone, we simply offer an alternative way to play that nutcases like ourselves enjoy. The great thing about a game like this IS the freedom to choose how to play. We don't tell anyone what to do or how to do it. If we aren't a fit for someone they can feel free to go there own way with no hard feelings. We aren't going to target someone because they left us or didn't want to join. . All and all this is just a silly game on a phone that means absolutely nothing in real life. Games are meant to be fun and before meeting this group I nearly quit because I was bored with it; now I have no intentions of going anywhere
  4. GPF - if you don't know, now you know.

    I'm assuming you're not anywhere near us so STL is St. Louis, MO. GPF has stood for many things currently General Protection Faction
  5. GPF - if you don't know, now you know.

    Is playing the game for fun an agenda? We all have different opinions on what fun play is. We don't dictate anything, we have fun at the expense of each other and it is more of a social group than anything else.
  6. GPF - if you don't know, now you know.

    Well said Un, I've been affiliated with GPF for a little over a month now after an organized operation in Indiana. The thing that drew me in was the fact that it added faces to a game that by its nature is entirely faceless. I've never been an extremely active qonqrer, and probably never will be, but the groupme rooms have actually made the game fun for me. I help out other members when and if I can and there is no backlash if I opt out of an operation. If you want to hang out with a completely insane bunch in groupme, than this is the group for you and on the flip side if you need complete structure and a designated leader telling you what to do and when to do it than sadly you probably won't like us. That's my two cents.