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  1. unban

    Far worse grievances have been forgiven than having a jail broken phone. Jail broken phones can manipulate too much of the data (loc spoofing, etc) and it made it easier just to blanket them with a ban/nonsupport. Just contact support and move over to a normal device and it should be fine.
  2. GroupMe Group For Legion?

    And smell funny!
  3. Launch Verification

    I don't quite think you understand the point of the sequence. Giving you the database with symbols + solutions would make it possible for a bot/program to learn all the symbols and answers and bypass this very tool. The point of the entire thing is to have a human THINK where a bot cannot. Again, not trying to be mean here, but as I said originally, this test is given before children can talk/comprehend direction. Sure, an adult can show them the first couple times, but this is a BABY, you are a fully developed adult. And you're right, they don't ban children from life for failing this test, but the kid probably isn't going to be the next Einstein... Even if the symbols aren't a 100% match, I don't get what is so difficult. Last night I literally had a code pop up where 2/4 of the symbols were completely missing. Half of the information was completely missing and it took me... 2 tries. 2! I've never had a formal explanation, no one has ever "showed me how" or given me the solutions. Just as you call for instructions, I call for them to be left out. They're completely unnecessary for something so easy to figure out/learn after 1 interaction. Agree to disagree, but **** if putting instructions on something so simplistic delays the release of blue anymore.
  4. Launch Verification

    I'm not trying to be mean here, but the picture below is literally what the launch verification design was based on. This is a puzzle given to kids before they are able to speak or even understand direction. It's literally as self-explanatory as putting the square block in the square hole. It shouldn't even be slightly confusing - it should be common sense...
  5. http://portal.qonqr....tatistics/10599 That's a battle summary of the fall of Los Angeles. Notice the top launchers and number of launches. I'll readily admit I threw $100 at cubes to bring it down. That being said, a 7m, fully fortified zone only took about 250 cubes to wipe to the floor. That's about $50, and I nearly doubled the "bully's" launches. If the player in question was spending your minimum ($500 a day... LOL) it would mean he's spending over 180k (American $) a year on this game. At least think out the accusation so it doesn't seem so incredibly outlandish. And to back up what Dodgy said, he absolutely travels and looks for local "bullies" to set straight. SoCal is forever grateful for all the help he has provided us.
  6. Is This Still Active?

    Pretty much what dings said. Most communication happens in app groups such as GroupMe or Line. Forums have become a little stagnant, more for posting trash talk or bragging rights. Occasionally some suggestions. I'd recommend getting in contact with local members and see how they communicate for starters.
  7. Atlantis Feb 2015 - Legion Win

    Congrats to Legion for their victory! I'm glad you recovered from your 'meltdown' Cathan. You had alot of us scared there for a little bit. Though I'm glad you're doing well, it's NOT ok to post the things you did locally. And to further it, you call US (SoCal Faceless) out after the way you acted? What do you want from us? The team even switched to Atlantis so you wouldn't... act upon your thoughts. I don't understand how we could be any more accommodating to your needs, and instead you try to drag our names through the mud... again. If you're going to call us out, why not call out yourself? What was posted to us that prompted this attitude and response? Does your team know how you talk to locals? Of your demands and reasons? Would you like us to provide excerpts of your words towards us or me in general? The quitting was no 'rumor' either, it was yet another one of your mood swings we were 'responsible' for. It's not a 'rumor' when you say it yourself. Make me/us the enemy as long as you want, just remember your words that I can post to show the reality of the situation.
  8. Isn't the problem with windows tablets that they are running an entire OS, not a mobile version. Did something change to this that will make them compatible in the future?
  9. United Nations of Qonqr

    @Zany It would be helpful suggesting names of Latin American players as well. Would make the process that much easier. Not too many of us know others from different continents. If you or anyone knows of influential players in the region please, share.
  10. United Nations of Qonqr

    @Cathan, Silver's reply stated the group is based on influence not importance. Being the only member of your team, you're important but don't influence anyone but yourself
  11. Pyongyang: My Atlantis Nomination

    @Cathan Stop hiding in the forums! I need something to shoot!
  12. What's in a name?

    My original handle was Atomic MonkeY. I used it on a bunch of stuff, but nothing angered me more than being called 'automatic' monkey (curse you XBL voice chat and your 12 year olds!) I decided to drop 'atomic' and went with a more simplistic 'Dah Monkeh'. I still use that one when Monkeh is taken, but my friends and some family members have all started calling me Monkeh. I like it, especially in public because they let out this manly bellowing "Muuuuunnnnnnn- keh!" and everyone around turns with a "WTF?!" look on their face. B*tch they're calling, me not you - turn the f around! Priceless.
  13. Faceless in SoCal

    Welcome Zigg! Don't be fooled by the polite charade presented by Cathan. The reality of the situation is that's the Legion cheerleader that goes to no end to ensure new players are met with hostility and driven from QONQR. I'm honestly surprised he didn't log in all 5 accounts just to show you how friendly he -really- is to increased competition. Welcome to the Faceless. After being pushed around quite a bit, recruitment is up and we are claiming more of LA daily. Unite with us and see if we can make Cathan buy another iPad to "even the fight".
  14. Qonqr addiction

    I just don't get why there is such unwarranted animosity toward me in particular. I know as a matter of fact I have been pretty douchey to your allies on Legion. After burning those bridges, I thought I was always more than cordial with you, for communication's sake. Instead of the same respectful communication, you constantly accuse me of multiscoping (WTF?!), sync lock every new player I recruit (mine are people, and teaching the game typically requires me to be by their side for at least the first day...), and lash out at me when I explain each recruit or other misunderstanding for your benefit. If this game causes you to react so emotionally, it really may be time for you to take a step back and look what you are doing. I still refuse to multiscope and use sync lock. Take a good, hard look at the competition you are struggling so hard to stay relevant against. I won't stoop to your level, but me and my recruits will remain a force to be reckoned with.
  15. There Comes A Point When

    I want to break my forum silence by saying to thanks to my biggest competition in Los Angeles. Not thank you for quitting; not thank you for making it easy. Thank you for the long, relentless fights and constant skirmishes between us. I for one hope this isn't "goodbye" so much as "see you later". I just want to put it on the record that Mud absolutely wrecked me in his most recent operation. If killing a couple million of my bots in a day isn't going out with a bang, what is? Good luck, and may our paths cross again in the future.