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  1. Flash QONQR Game for poor Android users :)

    Link updated!
  2. Game Promotion Items Index

    desh0wiz, here you are!
  3. QONQR Themes for Google chrome

    Hi guys! I made some basic themes for google chrome. I hope you will like tham! QONQR Theme: http://www.themebeta.com/node/80814 Faceless Theme: http://www.themebeta.com/node/80810 Swarm Theme: http://www.themebeta.com/node/80812 Legion Theme: http://www.themebeta.com/node/80813 Have a nice day!
  4. QONQR Font type

    Syntax I think its an awesome idea!!! Im on it!
  5. QONQR Font type

    GaMERCaT There is a downloadable ttf version of this font, as you can see at the previous posts, but here you are, the link again https://www.dropbox..../qonqr_v2.3.ttf
  6. iOS 1.9.2 update

    Nice job! Thx!!!
  7. QONQR logo icons

    I like them!
  8. Anyone willing to take a stab at flash creative?

    Good idea, thx!
  9. Flash QONQR Game for poor Android users :)

    Hi, thx! If you have any problem or question about Flash (actionscript), just send me a priv. massage! I hope I can help you.
  10. Anyone willing to take a stab at flash creative?

    Pls guys, I need some feedback to keep up the work. If you have any opinion, pls share it with me!
  11. Anyone willing to take a stab at flash creative?

    Many of you sad to me, that you cant see the sfw on the site, so i made a GIF preview for you. Its not the best quality, but its still too slow, so i just cant made it biger.
  12. Anyone willing to take a stab at flash creative?

    You have to wait a few seconds to download it, bacouse its i bit big. Or it could be a problem if you blocking pictures, or adds or something like that in your bowser. And of course you need to insall flash plugin, but i think nowadays everybody have it so i dont think its a problem. I hope it will help. Have a nice day!
  13. Flash QONQR Game for poor Android users :)

    Hi guys! Some of you write to me that its just an empty page. No, its not The problem is the game is pretty big, and it takes a few seconds or a minute to download it, and before it downloaded its really seems just a white page. Anyway, now there is a new banner on the page, so its not empty any more Have fun!