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  1. This has nothing to do w/atlantis being rubbish, and everything to do w/a noob blowing a hiney load of cash w/out having any idea what they are doing.
  2. Ok, to attempt some calculations, we have to make some assumptions. Let's just say he did nothing but seekers (that seems to be the bulk of what he did from the reports of quite a few ppl). For these numbers, I'll be rounding down a few times, because not everything needed to be purchased, and there will be a few remainders when draining scopes, and because I'd like to figure out pretty much the least amount of money he could have spent to obtain these numbers. That's 8 launches per scope, so roughly 2,300 scopes needed. A scope will cost 3 cubes (2 x 5k bot refresh, 1 x 100 energy refresh... yes, he'll need more energy every few scopes, but the remainders from the bot refreshes and not using a full 10k on seekers should handle it). So roughly 6,900 cubes. 6,900 cubes / 500 cube packs = 14 (13.8) packs purchased. I think it makes sense to round up for this, because it's much closer to 14, and it's reasonable to think he either could have extra cubes after atlantis, or that the variance in his bot use may have accounted for a full 14 packs being purchased. 14 packs @ $100 = $1,400 (yes, I know it's $100.99) Now, best case scenario, he mixed up bot use w/some ZAs, actually waited for his scope to cool off a few times... he MIGHT have gotten down to only 13 packs for $1.3k... but that would also assume he's going to buy the most cost efficient pack. If he was buying 100s at a time, it would be: 6,900 / 100 * 37 = $2,553. Realistically, I would bet this guy probably spent somewhere between $1,500 and $2,000.
  3. ...has got to be one of the funniest moments I've seen in qonqr yet lol.
  4. I came into this game after the lines were already drawn and civility had dropped... And yeah leigh, that's a good idea, except that we don't have people that can cover all the areas.
  5. Or to give people who are terrible at the game the illusion that they don't suck.
  6. I like how we asked for a way to honor the dead's bots (in our case, Outlaw2112), and not only did you come up with nothing, but instead, you came up with shield decay, to help them die faster. And of course, legion jump right on it, since they get destroyed in a straight up fight, what with having the gallantry of the overused birth canal of a woman of ill repute. So thanks for that.
  7. Vulcan Death Grip

    So apparently the idea has been floated around that it was a bunch of chicago multis that took down Vulcan. However from the extreme level of bu.tthurtedness (not to mention the clearly posted numbers in the battle stats and basic math skills), it has been deduced that, in fact, the legion were forcibly run through our vast network of CORN fields... backwards... naked....
  8. Vulcan

    So we take 2 highly coveted zones from active, top legion players in less than a day, destroying around 11m bots in total, and you respond by slowly taking a few 100-200k towers from a dead guy with no one around to really defend. I know I should feel angry (I'm sure that's what you were going for), but quite frankly, I just feel sorry that this is the best you can do at this stage of the game.
  9. Vulcan

    15 hours yes... a decent chunk of those being sleep time. It was closer to 9-10 hours all things considered. Also, I just want to point out how classy it is for legion (as.scat, bleu, kozlov) to hit a dead guy and take his zones in retaliation. I mean, I guess when you can't handle live players, that's your only option, but still.. pretty lame.
  10. Great month of Atlantis

    That was ridiculous!!! Both myself and another faceless thought we lost 9/3/7 because that's what it was reporting w/0 minutes to go, but then checked the portal and it said we won!! Crazy! Went from 1 flipper to 2 flippers to 4 flippers and then 5 at the end.. all within an hour. Unbelievable!
  11. Cheater

  12. GPF Meet Up

    Aren't you afraid of like.. getting shanked or something?
  13. I've changed factions

    There's this amazing thing you can do where I go away completely.... Don't read my posts.
  14. I've changed factions

    You really don't understand the internet, do you? You can't control people simply by telling them to do something or not to do something. /nosarcasm - You seriously need to learn that.