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    Im a geek, I play rpgs, create my own worlds, roll dice, read too much, watch alot of tv and surprise surprise play games! Im fairly light hearted and willing to make friends with every one (who isn't extravagantly crazy)
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  1. What's to stop a player from bouncing over and back just for the cubes and discounted ordinance and then back for better cool down?
  2. Legion Poster Children

    oh... Oh My.. And that's how Legion became Marvel lol awesome suits though!
  3. Hi from VA ◕‿◕

    Welcome to Qonqr, and to Faceless!
  4. "A military operation involves deception. Even though you are competent, appear to be incompetent. Though effective, appear to be ineffective." - Sun Tzu

  5. Heyhey

    (read in the voice of Barack Obama) Faceless has not sabotaged the entire system... I promise. And as a Faceless you know you can trust me, because I promised. take that, suckas.
  6. Faction colors and their representations

    Vikings often bore Red on their shields and ships, and history tells of how all consuming and unyielding said Viking raiders were. What you don't often hear are the Nine Nobel Virtues, a system of conduct that describe how a goodly man should conduct himself. Even to a stranger whom shows up uninvited. Samurai took Red armor to show how powerful and apt they were in combat, nearly all warrior cultures have kept Red on their persons. This is how I believe the Legion sees itself, at best. They strive to make it known that in the face of even unknown opposition humanity is strong, willing to take what we need to prove our worth as our own independent entity in a universe we are obviously not alone in, outclassed or not. That we are eager to show our might, unflinching in the face of a potential enemy. That we are not only ready to bare the hardship of war, but are happy to take the plunge. So like the warriors of old they don Red. Red for the blood of the enemy, Red for our great many sacrificed, Red for the power of humanity. I also have to disagree with the hippy-dippy Green ideal. The Scottish Celts wore Green for nearly every ceremony and rite, even for the ritual sacrifice of their own people. Green is also the color of Greed, Jealousy, and money (or those who exist to "make a profit"). The Swarm is as power hungry as any Diplomat or Miser. And even if this is a cold war scenario, its still a war. As a symbol of money, Green can also be seen as industry or even diplomacy. I think Green is taken as the Swarm's color because they are expressing how much they are at an advantage, or rather how much they are willing to spend, sacrifice, or manipulate to garner said advantage. Making them an obvious ally for Qonqr to side with. Purple is often associated with the critical thinkers and analytical or logic based processes, in history many nations chose Purple as the color for royalty because Purple was the hardest, and therefore most expensive, dye color to attain. Purple is often associated with scholars and scholarly pursuits, and likewise often Purple has been made a spiritual color relating directly to the mind and astral plane. Purple is the color of information. Faceless strives to be on top, perhaps not directly in control but more of the puppet-master. As such, they strive to show the superiority of humanity by out-thinking our opponents. The gods gave us the ability to reason, and with that we became more powerful than a planet full of potential predators, why should we turn our backs on our brains to show how brutish we are or how greedy we've become? Why throw lives and money at an unknown force when we could seek out its advantages and even the playing field? War is won by the soldiers, but the soldiers are driven by Intel, so whomever has the best Intel, wins the war. Prometheus was known for his intelligence before all else, so too should humanity be.
  7. Hello from Milwaukee, WI

    Not in your area but welcome to the game anyhow!
  8. Hello Everyone!

    Yeah it gave me faceless as a default too, but after reading all the lore, I liked them best anyhow. Welcome to the fight! Don't let anyone sway you, not having a face is what all the cool kids are doing. Where are you located? And who's got you surrounded? Lol “Hold faithfulness and sincerity as first principles. Then no friends would not be like yourself.”-Confucius
  9. Galvanic Stryke and Hardened Lattice

    I...just..."and like sand through the hour glass, these are the days of our lives". Never thought id read the words "nanobots on nanobot action"
  10. "He that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools" - Confucius

  11. Actually how Do I get to the faceless faction form? Every time I go to the faction forums link it takes me to the only topic there, which tells me that my forum name and my in game name need to match, now they do, so what next? Im sure im just suffering from sleep dep and misses an obvious thing
  12. Hey there im T! Just got to playing this game and honestly the community is, thus far, the best part. Uhm I dont really know what else to say, I dont have a computer at the moment so im just running off my Lumina for the moment. I dont have many questions off handedly but that just means I have no idea what im doing lol
  13. faceless in texas

    The blood god quote is from war hammer 40k very grimdark future sci-fi, chaos blood gods and the like. Skulls for the skull throne, blood for the blood god, milk for the khorne flakes! If you haven't heard of it you should look it up, hilarious fun for all those whacked enough to enjoy it.
  14. to help newbie what based gameing thing

    *done not one. Shut up it's 5 am
  15. to help newbie what based gameing thing

    Oh wow, this is priceless.. Im not throwing stones, but when I realized Iron really was American and that wasn't like bad google translator or some such noise I laughed so hard I snorted. I mean really, of all the choice real estate, Hazard. XD I just.. The freakin' name tells you its a bad idea,is all im sayin. Every time you said the words "ima movin' ta hazerd" there should've been a tiny voice in the back of your skull that says "bad idea". That's like living somewhere named "Cut and Shoot" (real place, Tx, near Conroe) some part of every living being should be repulsed by such places lol, ok im one I apologize I didnt mean to make fun