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  1. Prometheus Mask

    This is cool. You probably could have saved some money making the sweater yourself though. Real easy logo to just cut a stencil of. Plus then its reuseable.
  2. Yeah like everyone has said a million times, your situation was rather unique and is not one most people experience, due to the higher exchange rate making missles very available, your foolish shittalking that caused an entire faction to attack you, and your rather poor stacking. Your experience does not expose a flaw in the game. It exposes a flaw in your strategy, if anything. Please stop pushing for a change that would almost doubtlessly make the game less enjoyable. The game is about capturing primarily. Sure its great to stack five million bots in one place, but there is a reason they don't keep track of that nonsense, instead keeping track of zone count and control, kills, etc. Because the game is about expanding territorial control. Missles make expansion possible for individuals who don't regularly travel the flipping country. They have plenty of disadvantages that make them balanced.
  3. Don't provoke entire factions into attacking you.