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  1. Ah - thank you for pointing that out. I hadn't discovered that option. That looks sooo much better. The downside is that the font color doesn't change, so with the 'old' map activated, it's not possible to read zone names, etc. on the bottom left part of the screen. BTW, I also noticed the beacon again. It must have been a bug that it wasn't there earlier. I'll pay more attention to that and file a separate report if it happens again
  2. Today players will often generate a support request, then copy/paste the zone details into a chat room (such as Line or GroupMe) to ask for help. With chat being integrated into qonqr, it would be cool if we could send a support request directly to a chat room (not just individual players). Maybe there could even be different types of requests. "Help defend", "Help stack" and "Help attack" are most common.
  3. Scaling issues Lumia 950XL

    same here (also on a 950XL)
  4. To me, a big appeal of Qonqr has been its ties to reality. The idea that “There is a war all around us...”. Physically navigating the real world to progress in the game. The key ingredient that made that work so well … the glue between the real world and the virtual world … has been the map. Before blue, that map looked like a real map and it was fun scrolling around and exploring neighborhoods near and far and seeing what zones there in the areas. I could see a beacon that represented the position of my scope, and it moved as I moved I literally used the qonqr map as a navigation tool to get around, all while following my position relative to surrounding zones All that is now gone. After blue What I see on the “map” is a sea of neon colored icons. The map itself has faded into the background and I can barely orient myself on it Where am I?? No more beacon to place me onto the map AND into the game. The interface between reality and game disappeared. As a result, the game has become something that feels more like an arcade game than an augmented reality game. What I had hoped is for blue to go in the opposite direction, where its ties with reality are becoming stronger. Silver, I think you even spoke to that same idea at a conference recently, musing what something like HoloLens might be able to do for the game. But for now, qonqr has moved away from that vision, instead of closer. And that is a big disappointment.
  5. Windows Phone Lumia 950XL Overall impression: 2 stars out of 5 Likes: There are a few things to like. But I'll focus on improvement areas here: Don't like: FONTS AND COLORS 1. I miss the color scheme that matched my faction. 2. I'm not at all a fan of the neon colors. 3. The font face is hard to read and the fact that fonts are tiny makes it worse. I never liked the readability of the text on the web portal, now the app is just as bad. 4. In chat, when entering text ("begin transmission"), the text is light grey on white. Why?? It's extremely hard to read. Same experience in other text input fields. LAUNCHING The launch wheel will take some time getting used to, but as a seasoned player, my first impression is negative. 1. the icons aren't intuitive and look too similar. I keep having to look for text clues to figure out what I am launching. 2. There is no point of reference, and the fact that icon colors keep changing isn't helping. As a result, each time I go to the wheel it takes time to orient myself. It would be so much easier if the wheel was fixed, so I can just memorize the positions of each launch button. 3. After launching into a zone it is much harder than before to quickly parse the results of what kinds of bots I have in the zone and how many. That's because text is replaced by icons and icons are tiny and non-intuitive (see earlier comment). Some text is just impossible to read, like white on yellow gold status. 4. I wish I could get rid of the "share your impact" buttons. they are annoyingly pronounced. I wish the bot icons were as big instead. 5. "Your scope wants to reset" - I get why you added this, but it's just plain annoying SEARCH 1. distance to zones is no longer displayed for search results. this was a very useful feature 2. Zone strength is no longer displayed for search results (one to four icons depending on bot count). Again - this was a very useful feature ZONES 1. I *hate* not being able to pin zones to my start screen. That alone is enough of a disappointment for me, wanting to go back to the old client. 2. Looking at zones around me in list format (not map format) - it was super useful to see the exact distance displayed, so I could for example quickly see what's in range for HL. All that context is gone. CHAT 1. When going back to a chat room, I have to re-read messages to figure out where I left off 2. No threads 3. cannot pin chat rooms from various regions I care about 4. Tapping on stars to 'like' messages often is not working. MAP 1. Not sure why I would ever want to rotate the map, unless I want to confuse myself 2. Zone details are much too hard to read. Sometimes they are impossible to read, when white text is on top of neon green zones 3. When looking at bases, why can't I tap on a base to see details? (I hope that's just a bug...)
  6. Purchased a text color from the Chat Depot on the web site at https://qonqrconscri....net/Chat/Depot The PayPal transaction completed, but I didn't get the new text color.