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  1. Awesome! One of the best Ice Bucket Challenge videos I've seen. We're still waiting on GungHo (challenged by myself) and Gadgerson (challenged by JayVortex).
  2. ALS Icebucket challenge

    Silver, get Gadg and Gungho involved
  3. CEL does ALS ice bucket challenge

    He was using Sony Vagas he said, what I tried to use for mine, but I've never used it before and was just getting to understand some of it
  4. ALS Icebucket challenge

    That makes silver challenged twice, since Ap0c already challenged Silver already.
  5. CEL does ALS ice bucket challenge

    Also being challenged: A_Mai1298 and GungHo
  6. Why is your faction better?

    Are you sure it is pronounced Conquer and not Concur (to act together to a common end or single effect; to come together)?
  7. Mai! WTF did I just watch?! LOL
  8. Any options besides qommnd?

    Some have created their own for their own area, but remember, they changed the API's so that you no longer can identify recent attacks. YOu can't see the attacks until a few hours after they happen, and I think they mentioned something about blocking seeing who attacked and only seeing color, but not sure.
  9. Answers about C.E.L.

    No, it isn't join or die. It is, if you are Legion, you die! If you are not, you are safe unless you attack CEL (or are annoying someone: in CEL or a friend of CEL).
  10. Answers about C.E.L.

    The question still remains, how is it any different if CEL all became Faceless or all became Swarm? Other than them becoming even more powerful? As for relying on qommnd for proof, I don't use that anymore since half the time, active players, don't show up on there. I've seen legion students of jbrockman, stacking zones, but qommnd didn't even list them as actual players, or if it did, it showed a few deployments way back. And all that was before the API change to block seeing recent activity. I will agree though, just because a Swarm player isn't in CEL, doesn't mean they don't observe the truce. As for assisting non-CEL members. That is up to each individual member. If a CEL member wants to help a non-CEL member, they will do it of their own accord, just depends on their personality, individually. But no, a CEL member would not assist a non-CEL in attacking another CEL member, that would make no sense. Your arguments on support make very little sense. The ONLY argument you have, is that it is unfair, the number of CEL members vs the number of Legion, and even that is close, but because of being in Florida, the spread makes it difficult.
  11. Answers about C.E.L.

    Yes, if a member of CEL is attacked by a non-member of CEL (be it Swarm or Faceless), that CEL member has a right to defend themselves. It makes sense that they would defend themselves. I fought as a newbie, and I'm sure you must have fought as a newbie. That is the game. It is NOT sit in a corner and stack and hope no one knocks your pretty tower down. It is how you learn. A tower gets knocked down, next time it is rebuilt better, stronger. I'm not sure why the complaint though, as their Faceless vs non-CEL Swarm or their Swarm vs non-CEL Faceless should only prove helpful to us Legion. In regard to the "2" non-CEL Swarm in Florida. I pulled up the top 50 list and Florida and about 5 or 6 Swarms names, I didn't recognize during my membership in CEL.
  12. Answers about C.E.L.

    There has been a lot of thread spamming about this topic lately and I apologize for adding to it, but I wanted to add a thread that embodies all the conversation on C.E.L. instead of having a separate thread for individual C.E.L.-related comments. C.E.L. = Council to Eliminate Legion For those unaware, C.E.L. was originally a Florida based alliance of Swarm and Faceless against Legion. It has since spread to other areas. It is no different than Swegion or whatever you call Faceless and Legion (Facegion? Legless?). I spent some time with C.E.L. before becoming Legion and have to say, their best attribute that makes them such a devastating force, isn't their numbers, but their organization. Who leads C.E.L.? C.E.L. leads C.E.L. There is no “one” distinct leader. As in any group, clique, family, etc. there are those who take on a leadership role. These are often the people who are more outspoken/charismatic, those with the ability to rally others behind them. They may be Swarm or Faceless, and they may change from one moment to another as members join and leave with different personalities. How Many members does C.E.L. have? It is hard to say how many members C.E.L. has because not everyone in C.E.L. is either active or in Groupme. Some Swarm and Faceless just observe the alliance because a member of C.E.L. mentioned it to them. Does C.E.L. dominate by its numbers? The key to C.E.L.'s strength is not in their numbers, but in their coordination with their active members. Having been a part of both Legion and C.E.L. rooms, the numbers are relatively close in active members, but Legion is a lot more disorganized. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that much of Legion members are in Northern FL and a few of the Southern members are no longer around, leaving a select few Legion in South Florida. Why are so many complaints coming from Florida? As has been complained about, Florida is unique from the rest of the U.S., in that it doesn't have any land bordering more than 75% of it. Also, Florida is 721km long, so for some of us in south FL, all attacks are limited to whatever is in our immediate area and North of us. For those in other states, imagine your range to be about 150 km on all sides except north, where you get your full 400 km range. Does C.E.L. Pressure other Faceless/Swarm to join? No. In my time in C.E.L., never have I heard anyone say, I guess I’ll be in C.E.L., I was given no choice. Does C.E.L. Attack non-C.E.L. Faceless/Swarm? C.E.L. is an alliance in its own. While their primary target is Legion, it is open game for non-members as well. For the most part, C.E.L. leaves these non-C.E.L., Faceless/Swarm, alone, unless those individuals are causing issues. I’ve heard some C.E.L. swarm that have truces with non-C.E.L. Faceless and vice-versa as well as some having drawn out battles with each other. In most cases, the non-C.E.L. Swarm/Faceless is left alone in case they later decide to join C.E.L. or in case they actually are a member (inactive or non-Groupme user) or observer of the truce. Does Faceless/Swarm Hold More Power in C.E.L.? Nope. When I had first joined, one of the first things I remembered was a lot of talk about how evenly distributed zones were. In fact, Tetra has a post supporting this [Here] that shows how close in numbers Swarm and Faceless are. One of their biggest emphasis is on equality between the two factions and I’ve even heard in ops, “Okay, Faceless captured the last zone, so this one is yours, Swarm.” (…and vice versa). You are Bullying New Legion Players into Quitting or Switching! The role of the game is to fight, this is a war game. As Faceless, I fought with Legion Newbies, as Legion, I will fight Swarm/Faceless Newbies. If they quit because of that, then this game isn’t for them. In fact, you level faster by attacking zones, then you do by stacking them. The idea is strategy and survival of the fittest! Conclusion Whether it were C.E.L. or if all the C.E.L. members were Faceless or all Swarm, it wouldn’t matter. In fact, it would likely be even worse for Legion, since it is easier to unify all as one faction, at least this gives C.E.L. a handicap in that they are limited in being able to support each other without attacking each other.
  13. Mai memes

    I do, but no one is in it :-P er... Very few are in it, I mean
  14. Qonqr gamer council

    I agree. I'm not saying it is impossible, but it is hard to tell who all you can really trust. With such a large group, you have lots of room for someone to be using the room for info and possibly backstab another member by a) locking a declared family or b ) claiming a multiscoper is a family