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  1. Switch faction

    that takes about 4 months to accomplish. You'll probably be somewhere between pfc and sgt for a few months. It will be a challenge to regain the trust of your faction but you could switch factions at will after that and he a ghost. It's one year of loyalty to get the points back.
  2. Switch faction

    If you are the player emike in game, then since you haven't switched yet you'll only get -20 now. Then there will be 2 more demotions at 60 day intervals
  3. First Qonqrr on the Iphone 6

    Now the game screen might be readable.
  4. switching accounts on ipad

    I'd guess that it's a means to minimize multiscoping.
  5. Happy Birthday QONQR

    Congratulations for the apparent success of your enterprise. I appreciate your team's dedication to the protection of the QONQR AI. Go Swarm.
  6. Now Available for WP8: Qomics App

    I like the idea but why does it need owner identity and location? Will this reveal my location to the Faceless?
  7. Just a question

    Google "Qonqr wikia". This site has a lot of data on that topic.
  8. So hows it goin?

    Just got cubed. If you can't cope with loss, just add money.
  9. So hows it goin?

    I keep it cheap. I'm not impressed by pay-to-win tactics.
  10. Flip-Flopping Penalty

    Another penalty is spending 60 days in the wrong faction. This status is a 4 month process. Anyone wishing to make things fair can see me in 120 days.
  11. Flip-Flopping Penalty

    And, there is a penalty. As I flip-flop, which is very satisfying, all my bots vaporize. I leave a trail of uncontrolled zones. I'll never see the in-game leader board. No big loss.
  12. Flip-Flopping Penalty

    Great posts by the mercs. It would be a year of no faction switches to regain the 60. Giving up the switching at this point would be unamerican. I'll probably never see any loyalty credit.
  13. I'm confident that all factions in my county have reached a moral high-ground and don't need to sync each other. The game has been humanized enough here to a point that I think all names are legitimate players. I would love to weaponize the sync but if I get recruits near me, I don't need the fallout from my actions.
  14. Quiting players and their bots

    Bot destruction after 4 months of player inactivity would be cool.