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  1. Suggestions:To the devs...

    One suggestion, a way to change your faction display name here on the forums. I'm legion, not faceless but the lil words below my avatar might tell you differently. (Although if my signature is still on that'll show you my faction lol)
  2. Anyone know how to change the faction display for the forums? I'm Legion not faceless...

  3. Woo hoo! Great win Legion!

  4. Calling upon to Attend a rare event

    Is it possible for Atlantis to be called closed early? Not much more is gonna happen..
  5. Winning Atlantis

    Instead of having the players in the top 100 get rewarded, maybe the top 100 players from a faction gets a share in the credits. This would depend on keeping track of much more than just the top 100, but I would assume the boards do at least keep track of players just hovering over 100th place. Or if you launched/destroyed X amount of bots you would get some form of Atlantis exclusive award/ reward ~Death_Stroke
  6. State of Atlantis

    Out of the 6 zones 3 shouldn't allow refreshes along with any other handicaps already on the zone (Grunt being for players under lvl 100, etc.) It would be interesting if the factions could vote on which zones would be handicapped to keep things interesting. But I do enjoy Atlantis because it allows you to practice different strategies. Like Melee being ordinance free, and Clover being refresh free. However, it would be nice if the Atlantis competition would be longer apart. Whether its every other month or 8 - 10 days in total a change there would be nice. PAF ~Death_Stroke
  7. A Letter of Resignation

    Its been an honor serving with you Earit. If it wasn't for you I would have never found the social aspect of qonqr. Seriously man, I would still have been a small part of a organization I had no idea about without you. Thanks for your years of service and I wish you luck in your future endeavors. ~Death_Stroke
  8. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    MarthosMI I completely agree. When I first started all the zones for 50 miles in all directions were Legion controlled. No swam, no faceless, nothing but Legion. But I stuck with the game and now the area is diversely faceless and legion. Still no swam though... (The regions demographic is 54% faceless 41% legion and 5% swarm so, you know.) Noe I still attack legion and they still attack faceless but both sides have found some sort of unspoken respect for each other. If you think cubing is unfair or stupid or whatever, than learn to do what I did! Try playing with class. Don't just viciously play to make your opponents rage quit cause where would you be? We've just got to learn how to respect other people's territory. Don't just rapidly take down all zones, instead take small zones to establish yourself first and then attack. Your opponent will probably attack back but then you have a system similar to the game of risk. And sure people still won't respect you and bully you in the game, but whatever! Its still just a game! Cubing is not right I agree, but people like nr big and dr of Detroit have no one to blame for the problem but themselves.