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  1. Can Atlantis go on forever??

    Low blow, dude.
  2. So after coming back to the game after a year and playing around in Atlantis this week, I've noticed that my kill counter for gold status doesn't budge for activity in Atlantis zones. Is this an attempt to try and force activity on regular zones? If it is, it doesn't really seem to be working for my area at least, Faceless and Legion stay out of each others backyards.
  3. Faction Switch

    So I went Legion today...but the forum still registers me as Swarm. Apparently it's supposed to automatically change? Does it just take time?
  4. iPhone 5s. Have never received a push notification, which is sort of frustrating since I'm trying to establish a beachhead in a sea of Legion. Anybody have this problem recently and have a solution?