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  1. Qonqr Blue first impressions

    I agree on a lot of things. Launching I'm not too happy with the deployment selection, mostly because it rotates, but i think I might get used to it. Virtual navigation pane made the game almost unplayable at first but now it's bearable. I have mixed feelings about the battle result screen. On one hand I definitely agree, clarity of the results is not really there. Having enemy bots on multiple rows and columns is worse compared to the list we had before. Also comparisons should be side to side. There was nothing wrong with the old layout, imo. Having 4x2 options to share the results doesn't help either. I have never used the share function in White. And do they even work? All they do for me is make a noise... But it also has the relaunch option which is amazing and the weekly kills is pretty neat as well. I don't have much of an issue with the scope reset thingy. It's just a swipe while the code is much more time consuming and never loads quickly. Search Miss the zone size indicator as well Zones Sending them to yourself works now, so that helps a bit. Will have to see how it works when there are more messages and zones to manage. Map Rotation is really confusing and it happens sometimes by accident while zooming. Base view doesn't really offer anything atm (Well, it looks good^^). It should allow to access the zones like it used to. I have to say the map navigation performance has improved by a lot! On White it lags like ****, even on flagship phones.
  2. I can't zoom out enough to have all my bases on the screen. For me it centers over the pacific ocean per default although a bit more than half of my bases are in Europe. http://community.qonqr.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=582
  3. Usually, it looks like in the picture but i have also seen it be ok on the top while on the bottom the navigation pane overlapped the game a bit.
  4. Music/Sound setting won't stick [WP 10]

    Off is left I think. It works for me to turn it off but as soon as I restart the app sounds are back while the slider is still on the left. I, too, never hear music but the setting is always set to on. If I turn it off, close and reopen the settings it's set to on again.
  5. Blue crashes on re-launch

    I have the same issue with w10m on the Lumia 950XL but not on the 930 it seems. If I switch back to Blue after a while or unlock and Blue was the last thing that was open it crashes to the home screen.
  6. When I log in with my normal password it says the login is invalid. If change it to a password without special characters it works, but as soon as I change the password again I can't launch (error messages saying I have invalid credentials). A restart of the app results in a logout. This is on a Lumia 950 XL Tried to check if it behaves the same way on Windows 8.1 (HTC 8X) with the same result (Invalid codename or password). If I change the password on that account to something without special characters it says the device is locked to my main account which, at least for Qonqr White, is not true.
  7. Refresh rates mysteries

    those numbers aren't available from an official source as far as i know. the numbers aren't exactly even either. for example at high overheat i get +4 and every now and then +3 (with the 10% boost)... Without overheat it seems to go down from +17 to around +7 when you hit the first overheat (light red). but no overheat isn't where one wants to be anyways, ideally you are always in overheat so refresh rate is either around +7 or +4 for the most part. +7 is hit at 10 deployments, +3 at 15.
  8. Refresh rates mysteries

    Depends on your bot tank and whether or not you have the 10% refresh bonus. I'm pretty sure max overheat is +1bot/s still, iphones display it poorly though. At 8.2k max tank most people deployed about every 15-20min also depending on the type of deplyoment ofc. With the bigger bot tanks of 10k I'd say around a good 20min?
  9. Know the Switch Factions Rules

    It takes 360-480d (depending on the route you choose) to offset all penalties but there are some players that have done it. i think they still can switch at will (and without penalties, except bot loss of course) after that. The negative rank points are offset by positive achievements (3 x 20 points).