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  1. Refresh rates mysteries

    those numbers aren't available from an official source as far as i know. the numbers aren't exactly even either. for example at high overheat i get +4 and every now and then +3 (with the 10% boost)... Without overheat it seems to go down from +17 to around +7 when you hit the first overheat (light red). but no overheat isn't where one wants to be anyways, ideally you are always in overheat so refresh rate is either around +7 or +4 for the most part. +7 is hit at 10 deployments, +3 at 15.
  2. Refresh rates mysteries

    Depends on your bot tank and whether or not you have the 10% refresh bonus. I'm pretty sure max overheat is +1bot/s still, iphones display it poorly though. At 8.2k max tank most people deployed about every 15-20min also depending on the type of deplyoment ofc. With the bigger bot tanks of 10k I'd say around a good 20min?
  3. Know the Switch Factions Rules

    It takes 360-480d (depending on the route you choose) to offset all penalties but there are some players that have done it. i think they still can switch at will (and without penalties, except bot loss of course) after that. The negative rank points are offset by positive achievements (3 x 20 points).