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  1. Why I quit Qonqr

    This is a 3 month old post. People quit and come back all the time for all sorts of reasons, who cares. Why dig up old drama. Not to mention BTOs never been on the forums and didn't write this. Some 3rd party posser trying to create more drama, I'll give you 3 guesses who but I doubt you'll need more than one.
  2. Flippers

    That's a stupid question, everyone likes money shots
  3. Flippers

    Thank you Vile, I was feeling a little snubbed. I was just thinking "so this is what it feels like to be DiCaprio at the Oscars"
  4. Flippers

    As a member of Swarm and someone who at one time did switch factions I would just like to state clearly once and for all that I have ABSOLUTLY NOTHING to add to this conversation. Thank you
  5. Highest Rank Points List

    Dantastic has 103, DrClaw is about 10 days away from having 105
  6. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    I'm bored with this topic, feel free to talk amongst yourselfs. I'm out
  7. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    AMF I have offered multiple suggestions for how to improve the OVER USE of refreshers. Read the forums, there have been lots of quality suggestions. Even Marthos has jumped in and made good suggestions for how to solve the problem. All of our suggestions are ignored by the devs. Let me clarify, my issue is not the use of cubes but the OVER USE of bot refresh. I use them because my opponents use them and it's a pay-to-compete format. This is all laid out nicely in the other forums. It's like you just watched the end of the movie and now want to jump in and comment on it. Catch up and then come back
  8. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    Normally I would agree with you Ev, except we play on an area with a spaz who a couple times a week has a bad day and responds by firing up Qonqr and going on 3-6 hour non stop refresh attack rages to make himself feel better. Then he sends everyone messages about how awesome and rich he is. The next day realizes he acted like a tool and start sending out apologies like the one attached. You guys probably don't even know about half of the bologna he pulls. It's not about it being a even playing field, it's about one bully being a spoiled brat, jumping in the sandbox, and kicking dirt in everyone's face to make himself feel better.
  9. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    Nope, speaks perfect English. He just thinks it's funny to pretend to be foreign. I've got lots of messages that I could post from him that show a perfect grasp of the English language. That history lesson left out a lot of facts but I'm not going on a tiraid listing all the b.s. You guys have pulled. Qonqr on
  10. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    Jab, you equate $10 for a haircut to $100 to cube rage defense on a zone? Maybe you do, but I see a big difference. Or maybe you can't process the idea of someone buying 6000 ordinances in 1 week and how pointless that makes the game for other people. Big, I can see I need to spoon feed this to you. Here is the point we proved: There are 5 of us willing to spend to destroy whatever you spend to build. That means for every $100 you spend to cube rage in defense, I need to spend $20 to take it away. Now that was math, I didn't lose you did I? I'll restate. The point is that the $100 you spend is wasted because we can negate it by spending 1/5th as much. There it is, can't be any clearer. If you stop cube raging in defense, we would stop cube raging it away. If you chose to continue to spend 5x's as much as us to end up at the same point as if we both spent zero, that is your choice. I think it's foolish but have at it.
  11. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    Haven't used a single cube in Clawson and I won't. Couldn't care less about it. I'm just plugging in old stock of absorbers to get you to use your resources.
  12. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    The difference between going to McDs and this is at McDs you actually get something for your $$. Look at Pittsburgh for example. I read all the post about people setting thier alarms early so they could wake up and attack, all the posts about all the $$ that was spent to "take down" Pittsburgh. Look at it right now, built right back up. When I see that I think "what a gigantic waste of time and $$." Look at Royal Oak. Locally that was done to "teach DrClaw a lesson." I know the locals like to think I was sooooo bumbed. I couldn't have cared less. Me and my group could spend $100 each and have it back to 8 million in 2 hours, then a group of Legions could spend $100 each and take it down. Rinse, wash, repeat over and over. That's the game is played now in the Detroit area. Let's all stand in the road and throw dollars at each other. I don't care about zones because they can be bought at any time by anyone. That style of game breeds indifference and I don't think there's longevity in a game that is played that way. I set goals for myself that have nothing to do with zones, the only one left is 10k caps and I will have achieved every goal I set. Then what? Pointlessly stack something someone can pay to take down? Pointlessly attack something someone can pay to build up? I don't think the game started out as a scam, but that's what it's become. An exercise in futility, with marks spending thier money to buy things that don't exist in hopes of changing the color of a dot on a fake map.
  13. Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    The reason I say that they don't care is that there have been a lot of good ideas for solutions to the problem posted by users on these forums and every one is ignored. How about this: Standard bot tank - 8200 (free) Upgrade 1 - 9000 ($10 / month) Upgrade 2 - 10000 ($20 / month) Upgrade 3 - 15000 ($50 / month) Get rid of bot refresh, still sell cubes for ordinances. The devs still make thier $$ and paying players still get an advantage but it's not an infanite advantage capped only by ones willingness to spend. What's wrong with that idea? Seems pretty simple and the problem is solved.
  14. Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    You are 100% right F3N, the game has become "pay-to-compete." Take a look at the forum logs, players have been begging for some sort of refresh limit from the start. A majority of the gaming community seems to think that uncontrolled cubing is the biggest issue with the game. But here's the bad news: The devs are aware, and they don't care. They already stated that they manipulated the return rate to 9000 at Christmas, why do you think they did that? To manipulate everyone to spend more so they could pay Christmas bills. You used to get free cubes for referring people, gone. You used to get free cubes for downloading other apps, gone. It's a scam and it's a great one because people (like me) know it's a scam and send their money anyway. They sell something fake to people so that you can change the color of something that doesn't exist. The price keeps going up and the ability to compete without spending keeps going down. You can't be mad at the big spenders though, they are the targets of the scam and it's working. Silver makes statements like "take pride in the fact that they have to spend to beat you." Translation: I'm using you as a tool to steal this guys money. That's what it is, you're either a mark or a tool to get a marks money. We all know it, it's up to each individual to decide what they want to do about it because Silver has been clear, it's not getting any better.
  15. Cheater Checking Chart Feedback

    You could have to pay for each device after the first one, that way they still get thier $$. I'm not very tech savvy so I don't understand all the tech related negatives, I'll just take your word for it. Multi scoping is happening, mind as well legalize it and figure out how to profit from it. Like ganja