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  1. Atlantis July 2015

    Congratulations are due once again to the Swarm following their clear victory in Atlantis July 2015 -- the Faceless and Legion never had a chance -- again, nicely done Swarm!
  2. Follow Desideratus at: http://www.twitter.com/qonqrusa http://www.facebook.com/qonqrsc
  3. Atlantis June, 2015

    Congrats to Swarm on their second stupendous Atlantis victory in a row -- good solid play -- excellent team work -- impressive leadership and coordination -- outstanding participation -- a well-earned Swarm victory -- again, congrats!
  4. Getting ready to waste my time!

    Welcome Corrine to QONQR!
  5. Atlantis May 2015

    Congratulations to the Swarm on their overwhelming victory in Atlantis in May 2015 -- taking and retaining all Atlantis zones from beginning to end is hard to argue with -- most convincing -- well done Swarm!
  6. Launch Verification

    I am impressed with the launch verification procedure -- sets a new standard for gaming.
  7. Atlantis Feb 2015 - Legion Win

    The February 2015 Legion victory in Atlantis was impressive and convincing -- we Faceless were thoroughly thrashed, and the Swarm left in disarray -- well done Legion!
  8. Best congrats to every member of the Legion battle group who participated in the 30 million bot takedown of Williamsport PA -- exemplary in every detail of planning, organization, and execution -- nicely done!
  9. Launch Verification Today

    I am eager to see launch verification go live!
  10. Great month of Atlantis

    Wow, I'm still surprised we Faceless won Atlantis given the intensity of the many zone battles that continued for days -- the battle for Atlantis in January 2015 was gripping to say the least -- best congrats to the launch leaders in all three factions -- and warm regards to all who joined in Atlantis this month -- again, wow!
  11. **Contest** Qonqr in the new year!

    Pledges fulfilled -- best regards to our winners!
  12. Blah

    Don't see your avatar at the top of the leader boards yet...
  13. Best Kill Ratio

    As many as 30,000 bots and more... http://www.snips.ly/83
  14. Pyongyang: My Atlantis Nomination

    Good idea! I second the proposal to make Pyongyang the center target for Atlantis in January 2015. Be sure to post a press release so that QONQR appears on CNN and FoxNews...