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  1. Stop being a POOOOP! ;)

  2. The "multi"-state paradox

    @strat... It is a business. My point being in any business you want to keep your base money coming in, and expand that. The state of the game now is multiscopes. With them around it cuts the base elite players money paying in, and also overwhelms new players effectively stopping them from playing and paying in. All for what? The ability of one person to have 2 to 5 accounts? That person won't pay in on a multi account. Just overwhelming numbers to force out competition. @gmen. I agree. Id be living large if I worked at AT&T or Verizon store. Every **** phone would have an account hahahaha ... Sigh
  3. The "multi"-state paradox

    Speaking as a player of qonqr for over a year now this game has changed dramatically. The game started(for me) as a war game. A game where if you got an army of friends, family, or bar regulars you could own a patch of; made up, google map looking, plot of land. Your own home. In a game. Now, these players are being left behind. These old Skool players of elite status(from all factions) are being pushed out, and thrown to the curb for the multi state. I laughed at the idea when presented with the sync lock. I was appalled when the devs basically made multiscoping legal and told you how to do it! Really? Since I myself am an elite player and have a girlfriend that plays I am sync locked by local legion daily because we play around each other constantly. They know it, but still use it as a weapon to Keep us spending money and/or half the day trying to get out of sync lock. I am an elite player. I get auto sync locked but she doesn't want to pay to play. I don't blame her. Even in the short time of playing, she sees the stupidity of it... This is called the multi state paradox. It keeps money flowing to the devs, and gives incentives to the multiscopers to, well, multiscope and chew up real couples while spending money... All because they can't do it on their own, they haven't done any leg work to get people recruited. Much easier to buy a device and go to town shifting the power to themselves, with wifi. Recently faceless had a 2 hour discussion on how to reward players and faction of Atlantis. We did not know that conversation would be so significant that it would be implemented within a week to a test run of Atlantis. That was not a cool move... If everyone in the beginning had known that the game may have ended differently. Massive amounts off $ was spent as I watched swarm leap out guns blazing. Good for you guys! Waste of money. All the grunt zones were dominated by multiscopes, and probably 25% of it was hit by multiscopes as well. I know of many multiscopes in my area. And from the groupme chats, many more not in my area. I hear daily from the chats how things are changing. And to be honest. It is becoming a chore to play. It is not fun. I have stopped paying to play recently because it's a lost cause. A real war or war game is fought by one person on one device... Not a bunch of fake people just bullying everyone else. I digress, during this 2 hour chat with silver faceless strongly suggested killing off wifi only devices, I fully support this and urge silver to do it as quick as possible. Mainly because I want the game back. I want a fair fight. I want it to be fun again... I wish I had the following and knew all the faceless. Id get a groupme chat going so **** big and have every faceless player switch factions and quit to prove a point... What would legion do without faceless? Swarm would be dominated in a week and they'd get bored and quit because they love knocking down our towers (not complaining just saying most legion don't stack) And this is the paradox... Devs want money but shove this down the throats of the elite and devote players, so multiscopes keep the people with money winning. And kills off the newest of players just trying to get a foothold.. And when players like me try and help them ...we get yelled at by multiscopers that the mentors, are in fact trying to help get thier own multiscopes get up and running. Ha! And sigh... /rant. You read that whole thing?! Good for you... This multistate game is killing itself by killing off the new and old players in droves. Who knows? Maybe qonqr 2 will be better, I hear it's due out in 2013!
  4. Sync Lock Blog Post and Video of how it works.

    As I have said many times, the multiscoping issue has just about ruined the game for a lot of people, glad an effort has been made but it was the wrong avenue to pursue. Mistakes were made. I feel a long run of words will be redundant since Buyu and Kirra hit most the points I would of made. I almost feel like making a multiscope now. Just so you all can see how easy it would be to get away with it... But, I have a life outside of qonqr... And I feel that creating an account named "helipilot_multi1" would be a huge waste of time. The game isn't worth it to me, and is loosing good players, legit players... But if anyone does see that name pop up... Please. Try and sync lock it, I promise it won't work. If you don't see that, I had no **** to give...
  5. Cheater Checking Chart Feedback

    Agreed with Kirra... Never thought of it in those terms. But well founded, and valid point
  6. Cheater Checking Chart Feedback

    Until there is the threat of a main account "ban" and that user must start that main account from nothing and all subsequent bots eliminates from the field of play... This will continue. I do however like the quip in the middle referencing other posts. Good stuff
  7. Firstly, I am faceless and I have never posted on here for good reason. I loath the online drama that comes with it. I am sure it will follow this post. I care not. I have been playing for awhile now, and consider myself a very active player... I have made some great friends and had fun. I observe and if I see something I will say it, as I feel, in the best way I know how without going out of my way to cause strife. I have been tracking the exchange rate for some time(among many other trends in the NOVA area). Not so much in the fact of how many times X came up vs Y... but frequency and dates, but then recently I noticed a new factor. Faction, then another one on that! The increase in need of said exchange rate, by that faction. Legion.(yeah yeah I know you think I'm mad, I'm not, keep reading) I know a lot of the DEV's are legion, and maybe that's part of it, maybe not... When I noticed it: We have all heard of the Pittsburgh op. I was extremely active in counter ops in that assault, and I am extremely proud of everyone in both factions, but mainly faceless! We fought against many odds. One of them was the exchange rate. The day the op started(or the day before I can't remember) it was 7k. Ok, cool, understandable! It happens right? well the assault started and a day or 2 days go by, then a 6K day, then 1 day later another 6k, just in time to finish off the tower. I have been playing since august, and I have yet to see any numbers that high, in such a small time... funny how it was during the biggest take down of a zone yet (that's what I've heard). I have seen the 6K day followed by the crazy 9K day right around Christmas(not sure if any legion ops were going on then; let me know if they were). But other than those 2 "oddities" it seems that 6K days happen usually every 3 weeks, (rolling) and 7k 6-8 weeks (rolling).[rough estimates] **I will stop here and say this, for those who would like to comment with malice, or menial thoughts... I don't care, I am here to point out the flaw, and move on... with or without Qonqr, I don't care what you think unless it is constructive, and furthers the topic... I, myself will probably be on to check this in a few weeks to see the progress and discussion that has accrued.** What does this mean? well If the exchange rate does have a bias in the code, or by a person, that would be cheating. It would undermine the 'no cheating standards' the dev's themselves are so used to saying everywhere. Stacking the decks is no way to run a game(I'm still trying to decide if it's even right the Dev's play the game out of fairness, and if so, each faction should be represented fairly). If the rate goes by faction, then if legion throws an op, it will go up. If it goes by the need to cash in on money by monitoring the usage of the game at time X to get as much money out of it's players as possible, then it would go up when any faction throws an op. (that last one is false BTW). I see multiscopers everywhere, I see cubing all the time, but I have not seen this before. It has put a bad taste in my mouth. I think of it every time I go to attack, defend, etc... I have thought over even posting this, and today I decided I might as well. In the end it is a game, and really not worth the thoughts that have saturated my mind since it happened. All I hope is to bring it to light so we all can watch it now, and compare notes. I am not a techie, I have no great skills in writing code, as you can see from my profile name... you know what I specialize in, so from here, I step back and let you guys take it away... Have a wonderful 2014.