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  1. Holy impossible stacking, Batman! 

    Your math isn't quite right, it's roughly 141,000 per day net. Knowing that there were other kinds of launches, this is an impressive feat. It's not quite "impossible" though, once you break it down. It's extreme dedication. Thanks!
  2. Happy New Year! I've noticed one player climbing the regional ranks at an impossible rate of speed over the span of 3 months. For example, this player added 2.7 million bots in the last 12 days. The same player added 2.5 million bots in the prior 9 days and 2 million bots in the 8 days before that, and so on for 12.4 million bots in the last 88 days. I started tracking after watching the phenomenal increases. Knowing that this player has definitely been attacking in addition to stacking, I am wondering how in the **** this was accomplished. Burn cubes like Tootsie Rolls on Halloween?
  3. Attack Hide and Seek

    Our faction is doing a great job controlling the vast majority of an entire region's zones, but our enemies will lob missiles into zones and we can see them show up in the regional list, but can't find where they've struck. What's the best way to find a zone that's under attack over a large area besides examining each zone for an intrusion? I can look in the portal and see my own zones which contain a tinted shade from another faction, but I can't look at those belonging to everyone in my group at the same time. Or would this be considered unfair over-patrolling?
  4. Best Kill Ratio

    I had a kill this week with more than 50,000 using a missile. Just prior there was another hit with just over 23,000. Should've thought to grab a screen capture, but I wanted to let you all know it's possible. And fun.