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  1. Announcing QONQR Blue

    What's new with development? Are we still working on this? Haven't seen an announcement in a while
  2. Windows Phone and iPhone updates for July.

    Thank you x7000!!! This has probably got to be the best update since I joined early this year. I think it is a reflection on the awesome decision to get community votes on new features. This update was a very nice polish to the game and it is almost perfect imo. Love the tactical page and Atlantis page. In my book, a finishing touch is a customizeable bookmark page for quick links to bases. The gold players are also genius. And hey, maybe if you build around that then maybe you can encourage more cubers and eventually afford to place a cube cap. Heck, I'd totally pay nuggets to pimp out my profile. Keep up the good work!
  3. Atlantis: The Evolution

    This is really cool. I like the idea of having a seperate "non-real world" area that me and my friends across the world can play together in. I hope this gets expanded. It also brings a different sort of competitive play. I kinda see the normal "real-world" map as the sandbox, and this as the hardcore set PvP zone where we don't have to worry about being outnumbered 3:1 like the local bases. ALSO: Silver just posted on the blog FYI. Check it out! http://blog.qonqr.com/

    Yeah the award for infinite loyalty just destroys the point of being permanently disadvatage (which is what this update is trying to fix). Also on the topic of spies: I think the whole reason you get a deduction of points is precisely to discourage spies. In games like EVE Online you get a corp history so people can see if you are a long-time loyalist or a mercenary. They want to know about your past before sharing all their confidential intel with you. I think that is what the point deduction is for. So if you want to be a spy, sure. It should be a valid game mechanic. You can suffer and lay low for a while. However, it shouldn't be easy. This feature requires a spy to jump through a few hurdles and fake a few IDs and passports and work a legit job before you can be considered a bonafide citizen. I see the rank system as a way to read other players' history and see their achievements. I don't think the rank system is purely for self gratification like single player "cheevos".

    Nice. No permanent damage but four months is serious enough to think before you switch.
  6. Change to Windows 8 Command Center and API zones

    I do think the Command Center is essential to the fun and strategy of QONQR. I'm a two-week old player and so I don't have any nostalgia towards the old metagame style so I may not understand that part, but I like seeing any type of change that would make this game more complex and bigger. I think whether to keep this application boils down to a few scenarios playing out if CC and the API is withheld: First off, players are forced to manually check each territory. Most teams will probably assign different ways to effectively catch any invasions small or large. Techy peeps can, and probably will, create some sort of bot that can digitally track each base and their numbers and report the difference. This gives them the advantage. This is a sci-fi game and any sort of quick electronic intel should be encouraged and given to all players. Personally, I'd prefer if the CC was part of the game itself. I think that it's an expected feature for new players like myself. I also think it would help retain players to stay in the game. There could well be a massive battle 4 bases away and I wouldn't even know about it. Then I'd could possibly be bored out and leave the game thinking there were no action for months. Anything that promotes non-introduced team members to work together is a plus. It's how friends are made and it's why we play online. I almost quit the game early on if it weren't for me randomly messaging a fellow teammate on the local leaderboard. As a self-kept introvert, I almost never message strangers unless I've had good, game-related interaction to where I know we are somewhat on the same page. Right now, I have no clue as to whether my friend is still playing for the past few days and I don't want to msg him every day to find out. I'd rather just log into the game and check if he sent out bots in our area. Also, our enemies are doing a spectacular job finding where we are hitting because they have dedicated people checking a certain region off. My team is way smaller and spread out (there are more than 20 enemy bases between my closest known ally) and don't have the man power to manually check surrounding bases for action. This gives us a serious disadvantage and crushes any hopes of ever gaining any territory in our area. Anyways, I support the use of this feature even if it's only on PC. Maybe it can be limited to timed "scans" per hour(s) or time of day, but ongoing battles that lasts a day or so should be known to all local players.
  7. Hello I am CrueKnight one of the rare Legion in the southern SF Bay Area. I'm in middle of Faceless territory and would like to find other Legions around here. Just reached 100 and am looking forward to meeting other awesome players.
  8. Legion from Central Cali

    Haha its just like me. I am in middle of Faceless and I am intentionally staying Legion because I love being the underdog.