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  1. Cubes

    Define death in this game...
  2. I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

  3. Yes, but all of these are based on the fact that there are guns of one kind and you are trying to prove if we need stronger and stronger guns. When governments had swords, "terrorists" had sticks When governments had bows, terrorists had swords ... When governments had machine guns, terrorists had simple guns When governments had atom boms, terrorists had machine guns When governments have next super gun, terrorists will have atom boms. Albert Einstein said: "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."
  4. Why? (I am not fond of role playing but this conversation had some philosophical extensions in it..)
  5. agreed! and anyway, we have to disagree in order to play!
  6. No, you got it all wrong! We are Darwin evolved from animals. This means that we are death machines, we are born to kill the weakest in order to survive. If we want to survive as a species the best way is to dump these automated primitive behaviors. There are some great youtube videos from Michio Kaku, a well known Theoretical Physicist about civilization types. Search YouTube for "Michio Kaku 3 types of civilizations" and "will man kind destroy itselft" Really interesting thoughts...
  7. You are a romantic thinker of faceless. You are hacking qonqr for a while now. What did you gave to the world as open source or free info or something? Nothing. Whatever you have accomplish is yours for your own purposes. And also a romantic thinker or legion. They do it from their heart? Bears and lions attack when they are afraid without thinking why. It's pure animalistic primitive behavior. Afraid->Attack When we, swarmers, have the technology to leave this planet for a better one, you can stay with them. But be careful not to close the doors loudly. They might get scare and kill you.
  8. LOL!!!! didn't noticed that in that comics... So we are three factions of ****!!! Humans have no chance for tomorrow even in a game! Anyway... We are not producing weapons any more. Everybody knows that. That AI changed us for the good.
  9. Profit? Why are you saying this, where did you read it?
  10. And of course if someone throws a knife at you, that doesn't mean the technology of sharp knifes is bad and we have to ban it.
  11. If we create some life form (even if this is an autonomous software) in the image and likeness of humans as God supposedly created us then you are right, we are doomed to extinction. BUT you again involve humans and the assumption that we are the centre of the universe. This is not something WE build. It doesn't have to be like us. Typical human behaviour "It might be bad so lets kill it to be sure", "No wait, let's exploit it's possibilities, learn from it, then kill it"
  12. Cubes

    Anybody playing the game for a while, realizes that this is a "pay-to-win" game. Spending cubes, really makes a difference. But what about those of us that can't spend so many cubes? Upgrades cost either cubes or qredits. For example level 6 of Damage Enhancer cost either 20 cubes or 200000 qredits, while level 5 of Shield Enhancer costs 16 cubes or 88000 qredits... Some weeks ago I saw an exchange rate of 7000 qredits per cube. Some simple math with this rate shows that 16 cubes are 112000 qredtis while 20 cubes are 140000 qredits, meaning that you should spend cubes on Damage Enhancer and exchange some cubes to buy Shield Enhancer with qredits.... And here comes my question! What is the max value the exchange rate can reach? I have only seen 7000 once and if this is the top, then there is absolutely no point on waiting at least for some upgrades....
  13. We hunt and kill for fun and food, drain every last resource, destroy everything in our pass. We people, think of the world the way we like and thus we make the comfortable assumption that every life form thinks the way we think. We are the center of everything and all things around us should be destructive like us, right?
  14. Dude, you etymologically describing xenophobia!!!
  15. Thanks guys, nice to be here. Fighting against AI for no reason is xenophobe and thus racism! Could'n be anything else.