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  1. Launch Verification Today

    It's a pity that this kind of anti-cheating measures have to be taken. I haven't seen the screen on my scope yet, but the image above looks pretty straightforward. Let's see how this works out.
  2. Announcing QONQR Blue

    Sounds great! Do you mind telling the shared platform you are going to use to develop this? Xamarin? BTW, I hope the launch animations will stay (be it in a modernized form). Love those!
  3. Windows 10

    If they make it a Universal App it would run both on Windows Phone and on Windows 8.1/Windows 10 (if the devs want that). Currently it's not a Universal App.
  4. iPhone 6 or a nokia lumia?

    In reality all this don't matter. If it runs QONQR smoothly, what else could you want from a phone?
  5. Privacy and location based gaming

    This is really disturbing. Good you made this guy quit. BTW, I hope he didn't put one of his tracks in that envelope, because that would really have scared Raaoel!
  6. Atlantis: The Evolution

    Will be interesting too see who earned a high ranking with cash and who earned it with perseverance
  7. New Windows Phone Release 1.22

    Love the new features. Great stuff! Thanks!
  8. Facebook Challenge accepted

    More like two minutes.
  9. Faceless in London UK

    Stop all this alliance bullsh*t and fight! No pacts. No alliances. It's a war, not kindergarten.
  10. After a well-coordinated attack on a major zone in The Netherlands, the Dutch Legion decided to take a little bit of revenge on the Faceless attackers and accepted today's QONQR Facebook challenge. The challenge: The response: The result: And yes... there was a lot of fun in that!
  11. Qonqr - 2014 Plans/Goals

    Looking forward to new features. I don't think you should waste your time on implementing a extensive ingame chat function. Like ArcSyn shows, there are plenty of options for chat on all platforms. Maybe adding the option to show your WeChat/WhatsApp/GroupMe/etc ID in your profile and the option to show it to everybody/nobody/faction-only would be an elegant solution.
  12. A couple of days ago our strong and respected opponent Vilmosiv0 announced he had left The Netherlands to go home to Hungary. He was a real annoyance for multiple Legionnaires, but he always played fair and respectful. We have had many great battles and he left us a huge purple area. Dutch Legionnaires thought it would be a great idea to carve his initial in the map of The Netherlands as a tribute. Zone distribution in the area (or beer consumption) made it a bit difficult to create a perfect V, but it's the idea that counts, right? So here is the result of an evening of sculpting of multiple Legionnaires. Scope: Command Center: CC zoomed out: It will probably not take long before other Faceless operatives or Swarm operatives in the area will destroy this symbol, but for now it awaits the return of Vilmosiv0.
  13. Ranks and Awards

    50 people sure, 50 gamers doubtful, 50 gamers with a Windows Phone or iPhone, no way. Got all the other awards maxed out...
  14. Android Beta in April (maybe)

    Impossible! Everything looks so much nicer on WP!
  15. Android Beta in April (maybe)

    I could use that right now. I left my phone downstairs and I need to launch. Yet I'm upstairs and typing this. And I'm too lazy to go downstairs. Oh well... However, this could be a serious issue. The scenario that Slipstream sketches isn't that unrealistic. An Android device sets you back €100-€150. How many cubes is that?