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  1. Synclock Challenge

    LOL!!! that is insane.. I have about 10+ swarm I can sync lock whenever I want. Makes no impact anyway since they just break the lock.
  2. Wave of hacking (Serious issue)

    Solution to this problem. STOP SHARING YOUR PASSWORD, MORONS.
  3. Get Ready For Blue!

    Well... Sh*T I am a day late.
  4. NYC faceless announcement

    Sad news, I've never been there. But have fun during your break!
  5. Atlantis June, 2015

    Can they do it a 4th time...
  6. Stuck on the Idea of Changing Factions

    It will get better. Blue is the answer. Wait. Teach the new faceless that are to join. Just keep harvesting ur creds. save and bother the f@ck out of everyone while u attack their bases.
  7. Sorry to burst your bubble but I have locked this guy >>> so yeah on the mults... lol, good try though.eirichfahlun: 2,088 launches weimarp: 965 launches aniolek: 1,332 launches
  8. Atlantis May 2015

    Very nice win.. Can you do it again?
  9. Switch faction

    You get the points back if you stay in that faction for 120 days. I have all my points back, currently sit at 93 rank points and have played for all factions.
  10. The best Legion and Swarm players

    ****... well send them all to Vegas.. S**t is boring over here...
  11. The best Legion and Swarm players

    Welcome to my world.. Las Vegas has about 15swarm multiscope accounts...
  12. GroupMe Group For Legion?