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  1. Nice game . . but . .

    Just had a little cruise around the world looking at obvious places, California is the only place I can find where the 50th ranked person has more bots than England.
  2. Nice game . . but . .

    Thanks for your replies guys, some good thoughts. The problem with the UK is that individual countries are too large but counties are probably too small. Counties are something of a historical albatross these days and don't really help any more. I see what you mean about small regions, I'm now no.29 in Leinster, Eire - tied with you Trustar. Hmmm, how's this for a sig ?
  3. OK I've been playing the game for a few days and I've enjoyed it so far, but I have a few thoughts. The game is clearly designed as a military conflict type game however it seems hard to achieve anything. In conflict there are two basic objectives, the occupation of territory and the destruction of your opponents forces. However the occupation of zones does nothing in the game other than reduce the total number of nanobots your opponent has on the board, irrelevant since all they were doing was defending the zone, and reduce the production of his bases, which doesn't affect his offensive capability, just reduces his ability longer term, but that's difficult to achieve since you have no idea where his bases are. Destroying his forces isn't really achievable either, you can affect his ability to accumulate Qredits by occupying his base areas (which you can't see). I understand why some of these things have been done, game balance. It would be far too easy for strong players to smack the weaker ones otherwise. But the game lacks any measure of success really other than gaining of ranks and medals. Yes there's a bot leaderboard but it only covers the top 50 in a region. I'm in the UK, and for some reason, while other countries are broken into the administrative areas, we're left in our constituent countries as regions, there's over 50 million people in England, not much chance of getting onto that leaderboard. OK so in the spirit of constructive criticism here are some thoughts on improving things. 1. Check the game regions to make sure they are not too large. 2. Have leader boards for total nanobots in play and zones controlled. 3. Show everyone's ranking on those tables not just the top 50 4. See your own and anyone else's ranking on those tables by looking at their profiles. All those things can be done without changing the game system or balance. Here are a few suggestions that would involve game changes - 1. Limit ordnance storage so you can't accumulate it indefinitely. Either charge for the amount stored so the more you have in stock the greater amount of your income is taken up holding that stock, or limit the total allowed stock by the number of zones controlled (gives another reason to control zones) 2. Enable the creation of new factions or sub factions or groupings in some way. It's a bit limiting to have only three, although I recognise that this is a core game concept. 3. Highlight inactive players (1 month+ without logging on ?), so active players can take over their zones. 4. Make bases visible to other players (would need careful consideration for game balance issues). 5. Give bonuses to bases grouped together in nearby zones (gives a reason to holding onto an area). Just a few thoughts on my limited experience of the game. I'd welcome (constructive !) feedback and be happy to be proved wrong on any of my points. Cheers DC