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  1. Help! Frustrated. WP7

    Haha! Sounds fun
  2. Help! Frustrated. WP7

    Im not faceless anymore btw lol. Figured it all out.
  3. Strife from the Swarm

    I can't change my faction on here from faceless to swarm, and I am now a devoted swarm member, #5 in KY
  4. Bases

    Okay, got the answers I needed in another section of the forum! Thanks everyone
  5. Help! Frustrated. WP7

    Okay, got it, thanks guys!
  6. Help! Frustrated. WP7

    hahaha, I'm actually going to Chicago on Sunday, will it work that far from KY?
  7. Bases

    So, say I go to another state, in real life, only then I'll be able to build another base????!!! I'm on a windows phone 7. If so, that kinda sucks hahaha
  8. Help! Frustrated. WP7

    I understand that, and even if I AM in the zone that I want to build the base, it still immediately sends me to my original zone, and tells me I cannot build more in the same zone. Is this a glitch? Are you saying I have to be in that zone in RL? LOL. Like in real life, have to travel to a different state to build a base??
  9. Help! Frustrated. WP7

  10. Help! Frustrated. WP7

    Hello! Faceless newbie. I'm a level 40, have 1base built, but CANNOT build any more bases! It says I have 8 available, but whenever I try to build, it just sends me back to my original base and tells me I can't build more than one in the same zone! It's kinda frustrating and beginning to sour my gaming experience. Ideas???
  11. Bases

    I cannot build more bases for some reason. I have aquired 5, and I've tried everything, what is the point of having more, if I can't build them? I have one built, but any zone I'm in, it won't let me build, just sends me back to my original area. Help!