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  1. Oddball Strategy

    Oddball tactic. Stackings 100's of thousands of seekers. It takes a lot credit to break it all down. In the meantime the person is building up defenses and support bots. By the time you wittle those down they have a significant defense built up. Also the 18 hour day seems to be popular. , Oh to be young again.
  2. Multiscope venting.

    Thanks for looking into this Silver. It's nice to know you guys are trying to keep the game fair.
  3. Invitation to watch multiscoping

    The only good thing is it seems to have stopped. Two of the accounts have all but vanished so win.
  4. In Oregon near Hillsboro Oregon there's a place labeled Burlington. Right now Sarin has about 40000 bots. I'll run through that and then we'll go back and forth. After a while HWH, Mixtress and possibly one more his account will join in you can literally watch as he jumps from account to account. Literally. This has been happening basically all over Hillsboro are. Same 3-4 accounts same same times. Whenever they can't take over a base they start using the other accounts.watch it.
  5. Multiscope venting.

    I know this probably isn't the right place to vent, but this is really ruining the experience. They don't even try to hide anymore. I've gone deployment for deployment with Sarin and when we're both red he'll switch to the next account. It's completely obvious. 4 new accounts all on the same day. Always attack consecutively. Ugh.
  6. Penalties should be on a scale. So first switch faction is -5, second is minus 15 and so forth. I got put into a faction I wasn't trying to join and when I switched received a 20 point penalty. I'm level 100 and top 20 in my region as a private. Seems a bit harsh as most achievements only offer small increases in points. It really hurts newbies who don't quite yet get the ranking points system.
  7. PLasma beam v GDI Ion Cannon

    I like getting to send in seekers vs a bunch of assault. It's like a drive by.
  8. Tired of the story.

    I think when I initially signed up the game automatically recommended Faceless. I wasn't really paying attention and ended up starting in Faceless. Really all the factions come off as crazy. The swarm sounds like some crazy hippy cult, faceless is some crazy anonymous hacker clan, and the Legion are crazy military loyalist folk. Personally I ended up switching becauseI don't like AI's getting smarter and smarter. It always ends badly in the movies.