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  1. Lack of Reward

    Swarm. They have massive control points, but are spread far and few.
  2. Lack of Reward

    QONQR for me has been an interesting puzzle of strategy and politics. But now I have to finally shut down my operations and eventually my account. With an implosion of my local faction and another faction having a 63 % regional death grip on Indiana its time for my struggle to be put to an end. This point could have been prevented, but the current game structure doesn't support a critic all piece to the strategy puzzle: a rewards system. Every player wants to have their actions matter, but currently their is nothing to reward the actions of the player. With weeks or even months of work that only culminates in some petty zones with you name on it or some useless, powerless, rank points. Nothing is worth the time, its a hit based game (punch your enemy). Some may argue that, scope upgrades or harvest output are rewards. These are required and aren't rewards. A reward is something that a player might not need, but is commending them for their time and resources spent with a item that benefits the player. Without something rewarding players from time to time, players get bored. This is why I'm hanging up QONQR, at least for a while. I'll lie in dormancy waiting for the game to become a little more than it is.
  3. A New Legion Superpower

    Like Chicago, everyone's favorite battlefield. And to break it down once again, to say you support a new player and then turn around and troll an existing player is hypocrisy. New players are great and we all love them, but existing players deserve the credit first. To construct an agenda that willingly and openly suppresses an existing player that has invested hours of work into the game for a new recruit is detrimental to any faction, whether it be faceless/legion/swarm. Also, Vile, I can tell that your not a huge strategy fan and that's not your fault, strategy is secrecy (look at our military), a player must play their cards, whether that's creating pacts or building up bases. When you tell an enemy faction that they must accept one of your new players, you show them your hand. Which is build them up and wipe out the incumbent. Also, new players should not get rank over existing players when making decisions. To quote what you said earlier, "...my goal is to take a majority of black dragons zones", so basically you were putting him in a corner which he would get sick of and quit. You must see through his POV, your player was placed in his territory, he had a 100% right and freedom to retaliate and get "un-happy" with you. On a side note, the player wasn't even yours yet, a new player must prove themselves, not be given levels. For a wrap up off this post I'm saying something simple: fight your enemies with dignity, players (who have put in the work) before newbies, and manage your hand well (balancing out both good and bad). To wrap up this post
  4. Funniest Zone Names

    California, Indiana Worstville, Ohio Dull, Ohio Fort Recovery, Ohio
  5. A New Legion Superpower

    And thanks for guest appearances by Vile(for representing faceless as a forum D-Bag) and blackdragonSR71(For explaining himself to Vile(the faceless D-Bag) and loving QONQR.)
  6. A New Legion Superpower

    Thank you readers for reading this weeks edition of Faceless tard vs. Legion showoff.
  7. A New Legion Superpower

    So the breakdown, we've learned that faceless member Vile told a legionnaire exactly what their plans were, someone needs to yell at them. Next we learned that Vile also likes invading forums of players who are enjoying QONQR and starts being a D-Bag. With a final analysis being, some players (aka, Vile) tell their enemies exactly what their plans are, may have the tendency to rage on forums, and have the belief that they are bettering the world of QONQR by doing all of the things listed above.
  8. A New Legion Superpower

    Stacking bases doesn't give a player superpower status. The ability to use connections, evolve the field, and deal with tracts of land with efficiency is what creates a superpower.
  9. A New Legion Superpower

    And while were talking strategy, DON'T TELL YOUR ENEMIES EXACTLY WHAT YOUR PLANS ARE!!!
  10. A New Legion Superpower

    Also, to round it off, the word we means that they're multiple people involved and almost all of them used to be faceless and really don't like you.
  11. A New Legion Superpower

    first, don't be a d-bag. This forum is just someone saying that QONQR is worth playing. Next, don't negotiate territory for new players, this is a strategy game.
  12. A New Legion Superpower

    I love having good enemies, ones that you love and hate. I enjoy the ability to play politics and be part of large scale wars. For Vile I have but one comment, if your going to start a war, do it right.
  13. Mega Game Changes - The Ultimate Fix

    Yah, it would definitely need some testing, but overall I think they could pull in off and pull out stronger than before.
  14. I've, noticed the anger on the forums when it comes to using money to purchase territory/leader board positions, and I completely agree with their hatred of the current micro transaction system. Currently QONQR is an example of the trend in mobile gaming, people who pay are the ones who win. Now this is being completely unfair to the entire player base, especially the ones who can't pay. Micro transactions actually limits a games success rate and slowly kills off its player base. Games that charge one single fee work. Gamers are willing to pay for a game they know is good. The Micro transaction system doesn't have to disappear though, it could be remade into a donation center with some recognition being given to donors. By changing that side of the game you would make the game fairer for everyone and eliminate animosity between players. Now Developers, if you need money to implement: new features, upgrades to servers, or just make the game better/more stable in general, then reach out to the QONQR community. Tell us that you need some help. We who play the game want to see it succeed, and are ready and willing to pitch in to help make the game better. So this is a sort of "call to action" to the dev team. This is what could happen: Create an Ad supported free version of the game. Features manual harvest and basic avatar Full version would be purchased, and you'll get the ability to auto harvest, change your avatar, and possibly the theme/look of the game Create a donations page within the game Donation campaigns for new features/server upgrades And finally, post updates each week about what's going on, what the dev team is working on. The updates don't have to be huge, we just like to know what's happening and any news that you want to share with us.
  15. QONQR - ideas for heavy improvements

    Thanks, will do.