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  1. QONQR black

    An entire thread filled with opinions, suggestions and the odd innuendo to make light of a dark situation. Deleted because you translated it into ****? Did you even read it? "Filth" it's not the mouth it came out of, but the mind it went into. You'd get more respect with an honest answer like "we deleted it because it's an embarrassing issue which we do not wish to address" "I don't have time for this" is closer to the truth.
  2. QONQR black

    Despicable. Sad but true.
  3. Funniest Zone Names

  4. Personally I like my red clothes, but I'm slowly stripping off for you. Wait until I get my ugly purple knickers off. I'm looking forward to rolling around naked with you.
  5. Patriot guide

    Thankyou, this thread helped me to understand the benefits, it suits my current game strategy and its another box ticked. What do I have to do to get in?
  6. Well I can't change the weather, although that lightning rod I fitted appears to be doing its job. Anyway, thanks for your concern sweetheart but my shoes are splash proof. Better out than in.
  7. There is an awful lot of buttlicking in this thread.
  8. ~CRINGE~ I knew a Legend once.... His name was Richard the Righteous! (D*ck, for short) He was a well-educated man and he inherited the fastest car in the world. One day, D*ck decided to drive through the village at 1000mph. As he drove through, he tore up the road. Making it unusable for the villagers. Unable to keep up with repairs, The Villagers were outraged and started acting out of desperation. The pitch-forks came out, and some Villagers even started to call Richard names! Eventually those pesky villagers looked for alternative roads to go down, but along came D*ck with his car, destroying everything. But do you know what made 'Richard the Righteous' a Legend? He became a Legend because HE was the one who wrote to the Highways agencies suggesting they enforced a speed limit. So if you're fortunate enough to have the fastest car, and you want to become a Legend. All you need to do is; behave like D*ck.
  9. More length, less girth. I suppose it is easier to reach the top left-hand corner that way. I will give it a whirl.
  10. Haha, no thanks.. Never been one to accept hand-outs. Besides, I can think of more fun things to do with my thumbs.
  11. Class, and I felt stupid for talking about a certain someone on here and their spending habits. Barbara, you just turned ugly.
  12. Thanks Barbara. I've enjoyed our chat today. If you ever fancy a real challenge, like a game should be. Join me, then you can finally feel a real sense of achievement. It can't be rewarding having it so easy. It's like you're all playing a game designed for toddlers. No skill or effort required. That said, you're always welcome to join me. But be prepared to work. It's no holiday playing for legion. X
  13. Are you asking me to change my play? You're only getting a break because I'm busy with something else. I'd love the game to go back to how its supposed to be played, but with the way things are... I have no interest in captures, no interest in the hoard board and no interest in keeping bases. I can't take you all on, and without cubes legion UK have no game. You can check my spend, im not even elite. In fact I refuse to spend a penny until the devs do something to balance the game. As far as I'm concerned, they get enough from you guys. My contribution to qonqr is made by making you spend your cash. I choose you to help me with my star each week. You have walkern. You're special to me. Edit: I guess this reply will get 0/10 in your review. Probably because there's no kiss on the end.
  14. Aww hey Janice. Sorry but I haven't been following this thread. Qonqrd isn't me. But, I did hear I got a mention and its about time too. I've been showing you all this love and I was starting to think you hadn't even noticed me. Yes, I did once throw my toys out the pram but I have new toys now and I love playing with them so I won't throw them. I do have another FL neighbour (No names) that I was interested in, but he doesn't really play this game. He only ever pops round for a quicky, its over so fast I barely feel it. So now I only have eyes for you, however I'm concerned that you feel bullied. How can we move forward? Maybe you should take a load more towers off me, no doubt when your boss gets back he will make things good for you. whatever floats your boat. I will still love you x