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  1. Faceless, Legion, or Swarm?

    The **** change operation was a success!
  2. Faceless, Legion, or Swarm?

    How about that, nobody cares...
  3. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    Monk, I would welcome that battle
  4. The best Legion and Swarm players

    Quit ruining my Trolling post!!!
  5. HAIL Texas Faceless. They weren't really cubing in the Dallas zone until one of your swarmies got cocky. Then he just had to be taught a lesson in humility...
  6. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    I would like to air missiles at Earit and monk
  7. To All Legion members

    They probably have one of those too. Faceless does
  8. Synclock Challenge

    Tight wad
  9. Synclock Challenge

  10. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    Hard to remember insignificant enemies. So many lack the fortitude to take on Illinois Faceless
  11. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    Too many to name...
  12. To all the french Swarms

    Faceless cube!?!?!?!?
  13. September Atlantis

  14. September Atlantis

    Smh, faceless has beat swarm with no alliance, stop sounding like an idiot, Monk.