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  1. Hello from Milwaukee, WI

    Quiet, you.
  2. Hello from Milwaukee, WI

    I know this is old, but if I had known you were a new player, Zathor, I wouldn't have given you such a hard time when I was with Legion. Now I feel like a bully. Lol I hope you didn't quit.
  3. How do you deconstruct a base?

    Awesome, thank you. And yeah, I'll probably end up going green eventually. lol
  4. How do you deconstruct a base?

    I probably should have mentioned that I'm playing on an iPhone, but thank you for your response. And yeah, it's all Legion where I'm located and the game was getting kinda boring.
  5. I just defected to Faceless and 4 of my bases are in zones where a guy from Legion has between 500k to 1m bots. I figure it's probably better to just cut my losses and rebuild someplace else, but I can't find an option to deconstruct my bases. Also, what is multiscoping?