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  1. Vulcan

    Koz, I spent no money on this op. Dedication and earned credits is all I contributed
  2. Vulcan

    Kozlov, are you running out of original material? Didn't you just send that message to Astarath?
  3. Thank you, Legion

    I may be wrong about this, but didn't you flip because you were getting beat by legion? Kinda hypocritical to say "This game isn't fun when one faction dominates without the others standing any bit of a chance." So which is it? Do you want to be an underdog or dominate? Because this post was kind of confusing.
  4. United Nations of Qonqr

    Repsaj, the reason we weren't supposed to let people know is to keep others from feeling less important, which is just not the case. Whether you are in the group or not, it doesn't change the importance of you to your faction's cause or to the people in it. Having this group of people was a way for silver to ask and make sure everyone was still onboard with the ideas and new programs he sends out. He was afraid some people may take it personally that they aren't in the group when the fact is that there's limited space. This is why it was supposed to be kept on the down-low.
  5. What's in a name?

    When I was younger my grandma bought me the Hoyle Puzzle and Board games for the computer. When you played a game which required more than 1 person it would give you opponents with a randomly generated name. One of the common opponents was an alien which sometimes got the name Zartec. I guess it just stuck. 2487 had some significance to me in elementary school, but I forgot what it was, haha.