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  1. New Legion color

    Koz, I've seen your name in pleanty of ops when Legion dumped huge sums of real world money. Curious if you told your comrades how pathetic it was when they were doing it? My guess is you thought it was awesome when it favored you.
  2. Sync Lock Blog Post 4/10/2014

    It shouldn't be that hard to play a "fun" game. You shouldn't have to stagger your launches and all this nonsense. You are the customer and you have the ultimate power. It's a game, it should be fun. If it not fun just stop playing.
  3. New Feature - Sync Lock

    Sounds like a development issue, or maybe an indifference on the part of the developers issue. Either way, it's not my issue. I'll take advantage of Sync Lock just like other take advantage of unlimited bot refresh through cubing. What's the difference?
  4. New Feature - Sync Lock

    If using a tool for it intended purpose is bush league then maybe it should have been planned out better before it was released
  5. New Feature - Sync Lock

    CE, people are being affected who are not multi scoping. I have personally locked people who I know aren't multiscoping but are couples. Stop trivializing other peoples concerns and telling the what to think and feel
  6. Sync Lock Blog Post 4/10/2014

    I thought there were updates coming that were going to give cubers something extra to do besides crush non cubers? Those are the changes I've been waiting for, not a search bar, chat room, and sync lock
  7. Sync lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

    I have a list of married couples that I try to lock every day. These are the new rules, learn to play by them.
  8. What exactly are the sync lock rules

    Should 90% compatability result in a lock? This said failed
  9. Sync Lock Blog Post and Video of how it works.

    I live in one of those areas and have personally sync locked more people than the numbers provided show. A little padding going on I think. Maybe a better question. How many anti viruses have been purchased per area?
  10. Sync Lock Day 3

    The $3.67 is assuming that you purchased 550 cubes for $100 if I remember correctly. It's a tool to get people to say "typically I wouldn't spend, but I'll need to buy the anti virus. Spending $100 is the best value, I'll do it this one time." Don't tell me how much it is per month, tell me how many non or low end spenders are digging deeper than they would have now. The result of this is non paying players developing spending tendencies. You've look at the surface and stated how little they make on just the anti virus, now try looking at the whole picture
  11. Sync Lock Day 3

    There are around 5000 people playing Qonqr, 5% paying players mean only 250 players world wide spend money. I'd be willing to bet we'd find out there are a lot more than 250 paying players if we took a poll. My opinion, that 5% number is bologna that the devs made up to make it sound like they have no choice but to continue to skew the game to favor heavy spenders. The reality is they make a lot of short sighted business decisions for the sole purpose of making as much as possible while they can. It's a "strike while the irons hot" strategy, no longevity. Again, just my educated opinion
  12. Tree, I'm not trying to be a jerk, I think you need to just delete Qonqr buddy. It's not like there's nothing else to do, find something else to fill your time. If you're this angry about it but you pay for the anti virus anyway you are validating what they did. The best thing you can do is walk away and encourage others to do the same, that's the only way to send a message to the devs. I see a these people upset about sync lock but buying the antivirus anyway. If you dislike it, don't support it
  13. Qonqr- pushing families apart everywhere

    Marthos, "known honest player not sync locked" Why would he need to buy the anti virus then?
  14. New Feature - Sync Lock

    Legit question. Last year I went to Pitt with 4 of my buddies who played Qonqr, we went for 4 days. We had a blast blowing up Pitt from when we got there till when we left. We stayed in the same hotel, went to the same bars, hung out together launching from the same spots the whole time. Next time we take a trip we'll get sync locked after the first day, game over. Seems kind of dumb to me
  15. New Feature - Sync Lock

    Lol, I'm not. Those are all the users I've been accused of being. But now when my family and I play together we have to deal with sync lock? No thanks. Enjoy everyone Good idea, poor implementation