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  1. GPF - if you don't know, now you know.

    One more thing, and this probably only bothers me so it's probably insignificant. But you keep saying that GPF let's you guys play Qonqr like friends play monopoly. Well I must be doing it wrong because when I play Monopoly my goal is to take all the properties and eliminate them from the game and win, so unless I'm the only one who plays that way maybe you should pick a different comparison. Maybe hide and seek or tag, something indefinite that doesn't really have a winner. But again, probably just something that bugged me. Qonqr on everybody
  2. GPF - if you don't know, now you know.

    I haven't been on the forums in quite some time and didn't bother to read the second page of comments. That being said I have to agree with RebelFalcon, the claim that GPF and you in particular UnHuman are doing anything to avoid drama is humorous at best. Your group used lies and deception to take the St. Louis area, I should have expected nothing less and my fellow legion suffered because of our misplaced trust. Then you managed to disenfranchise yourself with the other faceless in the area(doesn't sound like avoiding drama). Then you switch to Legion and from day 1 refuse to help us take any territory back. Then you add me to your groupme and within minutes start by insulting me. I've had players from multiple states and all factions tell tales of unpleasant dealings with you. You bring/create drama wherever you go. (any response to me on here probably won't be seen for a couple months)
  3. Milestones

    20 captures and 68 kills as of 11-2
  4. Milestones

    16 Captures and working on 55 KO
  5. Happy Birthday Silver!!

    Posted that pic on the facebook wall
  6. Happy Birthday Silver!!

    Happy Birthday Scott, I had to shrink this to upload hopefully it's still visible --Dang, compressed too much, too hard to see
  7. I quit.

    Now I'm going to quit.....reading this thread anymore
  8. I quit.

    I assume your lunch will be tacos
  9. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    You get your profile pic tattooed on your arm so the other factions will quit trying to get you to defect
  10. Hey supertrampoline read this, thanks.

    . It's not the glasses, the forum adds 10 pounds to your profile pic. That's why my eagle looks overweight when clearly he gets plenty of exercise hauling me around.
  11. Plasma is a long range attack?

    I also think it used to reach farther, can't remember what the range was maybe 25 miles
  12. Hi my name is super tramp

    Darn that must suck to have your capital zone of more than 1 million bots completely wiped out in an hour and 20 minutes by your enemy. If you need me to take you to a bar so you can drink your troubles away just let me know.--- Is what the message reads
  13. I agree wholeheartedly. there is no reason we can't keep it to an appropriate level of competitive banter without getting R or X rated. It will be nice when you can ban messages from certain players or if you could turn off messaging from opposing factions but still be open to your own. I have received those type of messages and I ignore it and offer no response, however that did not keep them from sending multiple messages of the same variety. Some people do this I'm sure so you will turn your messaging off and be unavailable to your own faction. Anyway I think the the overall jist of the thread is right on, while players can ignore messages it would be better if we just keep it clean.
  14. Un-Stoppable!

    FRAUD! Anyone that has talked to me on the forum would know that I don't taunt, so nice try "Wingsman"
  15. Milestones

    13,000 Zone caps, and only 2 days away from Master Sergeant