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  1. Dear Devs

    Lol no its not, it just voids your warranty.
  2. Pros/cons of being a merc

    Lol its happening
  3. Recap of the original post: Guyzzz we tapped a few buttenz and tolked a bit and w0n l0lz gg u guyz suk
  4. Who/what is the Government?

    This is ridiculous. I'm ready to quit because this game is nothing to me other than petty drama and childish behavior. How about instead of all these stupid arguments that literally nobody cares about, we just get over it.
  5. Attn: IL & Surrounding Area Faceless

    Oh hooray a room for people to attempt to plan Ops only to have them completely foiled. At least there's friendly conversation though.
  6. RustyRake ice bucket challenge

    Wow I looked like a lil ***** at the end.
  7. Multi-scoping faceless

    It's come to my attention that quite literally every member of the Illinois faceless is multi-scoping and not a single person from another faction is. Please help save us from ourselves. Remember to sync lock my other accounts: RustyShovel, RustyHoe, and we can't forget RustyTractor. Donate cubes to save us from our own multi-scoping please!
  8. Known Multiscopes

    You guys would make great magi.
  9. Chicago will fall (has fallen?)

    Sucks. If you were doing the exact same thing everyone including you knows that you'd be hearing it from us and trying to justify. I didn't spend jack and I don't intend to. It's a game that relies on teamwork and hey, if someone wants to buy an advantage that's their choice. It's not against the rules and it's presented in game so I can't be rude or flustered about it.
  10. Illinois Chicago meet up

    I don't have any concrete plans but I was thinking it'd be nice to meet up with some of the locals. Any ideas or suggestions?
  11. Chicago will fall (has fallen?)

    The passive-aggressiveness is strong in this post. Nice fighting with you Koz.