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  1. I noticed on the Android build, you can't monitor any of the pre-populated chat rooms like Global, noob, Country, or local region. Any user created room has the option to monitor in HUD. I was told, in at least the iOS build, you can monitor those rooms. Must be a bug.
  2. qonqr blue and classic

    You can have one version or the other on your phone, but not both. Classic client will be phased out at some point.
  3. Legion and Faceless bot totals of "0" do not line up correctly
  4. I have noticed the bottom bar with "current location" "zone/base buttons" and the +/- for the map is click through. If you happen to have a zone on the map underneath and you don't hit the buttons exactly, it clicks through and opens up the zone below.
  5. Launch Verification Issues

    I just got a LV. Once I completed it, it showed my bot tank very low. Refreshed scope and ALL the bots were there. So, LV went through correctly, but never launched any bots. I then was able to launch the full scope.
  6. I have been noticing when clicking the link, in a support request or from going to a zone from a search, shows the zone details on the left and right of the previous zone I was in. I need to click on the zone and then back to the map to see the zone details correctly. This doesn't happen every time, but often. It seems like it queries for the zone and doesn't get a response in time and just times out, rather than query again, leaving old zone info there.
  7. Scope aggressively wants to reset

    Scope reset Scope reset can be annoying. These things might help. 1. If there are not enough bots to launch the current formation, don't show scope reset. 2. If 7 launches have gone out, don't present a scope reset. 3. Make the green and red sliders brighter, so I can tell which is which quickly with a glance. If not, make the scope reset a random button you slide, left to map and right to stay. 4. Having a Launch verification and a scope reset is redundant. If the LV is shown, don't have a scope reset waiting before you get back to launching. I see this 2 out of 3 cycles, so any improvement would be very helpful. For those times you are pocket launching, you should be able to with one eye and from the hip.
  8. First thoughts.

    I think the color idea is nice and I also have to look close to choose a formation, but I heard that the devs want to eventually sell colored themes for the scope. If that happened, they want to be able to change the colors on the launch wheel.
  9. On the Tactical page, the word "Hardened Lattice" is word wrapped and your not able to read it.
  10. This issue is still true, but I did write: I was mistaken, the count doesn't update unless I spin the wheel and go back to nanos. Going to map and back doesn't update the totals as I had previously stated.
  11. First thoughts.

    Symbols are hard to remember, especially when you only use a few most of the time. If you look close, they are broken down into shapes. Diamonds = defensive bots Hexagons = Support Bots Cones? = Attack Bots
  12. The chat in game and chat in a mobile browsers only shows 23 characters of your typed text before it disappears. It is really hard to write something and proof read it. Is there a way for the box you type in to expand and open to allow all text in the message to be seen while composing chat messages. Even on a full browser, the max text I can see is 49 characters out of the 140 that are possible, while composing the message.
  13. This is probably for any formation that requires an ordinance, but I saw this with specifically nanos. When nano is chosen on the wheel, it shows the # of nanos I have purchased and ready to fire. This total never update unless I go back to the map and back to the wheel. I can fire 3 nanos, come back to the wheel and it still says the previous # of nanos in my inventory.
  14. Further Blue beta testing clients?

    Haha, Gotta have goals!
  15. scope refresh slider

    I have seen this as well. you slide, but not enough, even though you slide most of it. Also, it seems to disappear and reappear in mid swipe sometimes. I also have a hard time see which slider does what without looking closely.