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  1. On leveling up it says "You Have Achieved The Following" and then says "LEVEL {your level] ACHIEVED" The 2nd ACHIEVED might be taken out.
  2. Dispatches Buttons

    The buttons are in the same place for "View ALL", the next screen "ALL" for the dispatch filter, and the Filter's "X" button. Hitting dispatch there is a slight delay, if you try tapping it again and it switch to the new dispatch window, you inadvertently click "ALL" on the Filter option. The filter lists "X" button is in the same place as well. You end up in a clicking battle if there is any lag moving between those menus.
  3. I saw this as well today. Classic Qonqr could deploy, while Blue couldn't find location. I finally opened google maps and the moment it found me I could open blue and launch.
  4. Opening to last zone you were in

    Yes, it'll always go back when resumeing, but opening the app for the first time brings you to your current location, not the last zone you were in.
  5. Total Deployments

    The pull out menu on the left of the app has a lot of usable space. That would be a great place to have your current total deployments for the day. Having that readily visible might prompt people to launch more by being able to set launching goals and not have to go to the portal to check their current daily total. Also, display the previous days totals as well. Can't expect people to login to the portal at 1 minute before the new Qonqr day to see their totals before they vanish.
  6. When receiving a "Request Support" wire, there are 3 buttons. Only the delete button works. I assume the middle one would bring you to the zone and not sure what the "....." would do, but nothing happens on tapping them.
  7. It would be nice to have an option to set a zone as "Default" so the app always opens to that zone. Now it opens to your current location,and then you have to search for the zone you were just in. I know minimizing the app keeps your location, so I am talking on full load of the app. Then have a Default Zone button that always snaps you to that zone if pressed. The bottom bar has 2 buttons on the right for + /- and the left only one button. Maybe have 2 on the left, one for current zone and another for the flagged default zone.
  8. On Zone search

    It sometimes minimizes. It might be if there is a space at the end of the search, it minimizes. If there isn't a space, it doesn't minimize.
  9. Ok. Makes sense. You only enter that once. FYI. QONQR Classic on Android has the Recruiter button on the home screen and it can be entered there at anytime from within the game.
  10. On Zone search

    When I search for a zone and click the orange arrow to search it works fine, but the keyboard doesn't minimize. I can manually close the keyboard and then can see the search results.
  11. I noticed when I earned a base it says unlocked twice. Unlocked and New Base Unlocked. Maybe it should just be "New Base" I'll post a pic
  12. When I earned Combatant! Knock out 1000 bots A screen came up and in the center was a pop-up with the word Qonqr on the far left and nothing else, other than an "X" to close the prompt. Once I closed it I saw the Congratulations screen for Combatant.
  13. Nowhere in the test portal is your current/next level XP shown.
  14. First zone clicked, on first load of blue, nothing happens for 6 to 10 seconds. Everytime after that, until you completely close the app, the wheel comes up promptly. It might be beneficial to preload that menu on starting blue, so every time someone opens the app up fresh they aren't waiting for up to 10 sec for anything to happen on first zone click. If app is running in the background and you open it up, zones load fast as long as you had clicked a zone once before minimizing the app. I assume it runs fast and fine after the first hit, because that menu was cached in memory.
  15. If you remove the Qoqnr map theme, the zone info displayed on the bottom left uses a white font. The map background is mostly whiteish, so you can barely read/see the zone info on the bottom left.