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  1. QONQR Black

    Anyone else downloaded and tried this app? Thoughts? (It's very minimalist!)
  2. Eight (+8) Rank Points Too Many to "Find Atlantis"

    I'm fine with the Discovery of Atlantis being +8 reward points. 70ish% of the planets surface is water, that's a **** of a lot of "ground" to search through!
  3. Qonqr - Space

    Yes, Faceless should go off planet All of them (More zones for swarm) ;
  4. Newbie Faceless in the UK

    Vengeance shall be mine... one day
  5. Newbie Faceless in the UK

    Typical I'm willing to offer a truce if you call off your despicable attack on the people of teeseide. Haven't they suffered enough already just by living there!
  6. Newbie Faceless in the UK

    I'll have you know that Teeside is NOT a "random places in Yorkshire" I highly recommend those pesky red legion zones held by Ladril
  7. Any options besides qommnd?

    I would be interested in knowing what other sites others use to keep track of large areas. Yes Qommand still brings up search results for players, but not all zones. I just did search for myself. It yielded a list of just 16 zones. (in game I currently lead 99 zones) So something is definitely not right.
  8. So hows it goin?

    I've paid for cubes (about 150 so far) but I've only used them to upgrade my weapons. The nice thing about buying cubes is that you can then remove the adverts in app!
  9. New Windows Phone Release 1.22

    Is there any way for the app to be rejigged in a future update to use the offline mapping data (if it has been stored on the phone) rather than using online data?
  10. New Windows Phone Release 1.22

    Warning! I accidentally just discovered that the Delete/Go To Zone buttons on Command Wire messages have been flipped different sides of the screen! (Accidentally deleted the message instead of going to the zone!)
  11. New Windows Phone Release 1.22