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  1. Windows 8 Command Center

    Is there any chance of a command center for everyone else? Not all of us have Windows 8 or Windows tablets.
  2. How to see the type of bots?

    I can definitely see the appeal of knowing what you allies have deployed, but dude, operational security! If they are an ally, message them and they can tell you what they have. I think opening up what you have to everyone is your faction could be detrimental. After all, we all know there are spies. I would say, if this is something they implement, it really should be level 100 only.
  3. How often to harvest?

    I know that the longer I wait, the more there is to harvest, but how long does it take for a base to be 'full'? I'm just wondering how long I should wait between harvests. I imagine they top out at a certain point, but I'm not sure when that is, or if it varies by level.
  4. Help! Frustrated. WP7

    Yes, that is exactly what they are saying. You must be physically located in the zone to build a base there. I made a point of planning my morning run to go through two zoned where I don't have bases, and dropped them in. It looks like you need to plan a road trip!