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  1. Ypres peace

    Thanks, Leigh! Happy Christmas! ♥
  2. What's in a name?

    My username is a family in-joke - when I was 7 I lost a quiz in church once by declaring Christopher Columbus' three ships were the Nina, the Pinta and the Tria Marie. To be fair, we'd spent a couple of hours the week before seeing the HMS Trincomalee, so I managed to smush Santa Maria and Trincomalee into one name. I figured it made a funny username for a Windows app I probably wouldn't play any longer than a week. UM.
  3. Sleep QONQRing

    I haven't yet - this was only my second or third QONQR-related dream. (My first one, the devs announced they were releasing a version of QONQR that let you send smells through the Wire, and Swarm kept sending me... flatulence smells.)
  4. Sleep QONQRing

    I think it's a familial trait- I'll never be more jealous of the time in college when my mum went to bed having not started an assignment and she woke up with a fully written essay on her desk, in her locked room, written in her handwriting (and she got an A.)
  5. Sleep QONQRing

    YES THANK YOU. I wanted to say that but didn't know how to phrase it. ♥
  6. Sleep QONQRing

    So I deleted one of my bases while I was asleep. I've been having really intense, crazy dreams recently, and in the middle of trying to herd baby dragons into my kitchen (??) dream!me fished my phone out of my pocket, saw one of my perfectly good causing-zero-trouble-to-me bases, and dream!me decided it was a stinky town so I should delete it. I woke up... and I'd apparently pulled my phone off my nightstand in the middle of the night and actually deleted that base. And also I'd deployed in a zone I don't remember even planning to deploy in. But I'd not harvested my other bases, noooo, that would have been helpful, subconscious asleep me. I think I'm just fortunate I didn't sleep message anyone?!? (On a side-note: how many times do I need to end up on the Mobile Operatives page because I've gotten impatient at the start screen and tapped exactly on "Tap to start".... too many times?)
  7. Afternoon, Boys and Girls

    You totally joined the right faction in the bestest part of England. \o/ It's looking way too green up here, that's for sure. :D
  8. Stoppable Force

    Wait, didn't the Faceless thread get some passive aggression last month? I wanna try. Um. Congrats for winning something no one cares about. \o/ DID I DO IT RIGHT? I should have added more sparkles. Dang.
  9. An eternal Qonqr dilemma

    It's not that it's boring per se, it's more after years of playing games like Risk where you fight for where you want, Qonqr strategy is more off-the-wall. I LIKE IT. Current zone fight I'm in is over a zone neither side wants for themselves for any good reason. It's kinda glorious. I'm just hopeful some local Legion will wake up and join in because that would make the fight perfect.
  10. An eternal Qonqr dilemma

    .....yeah hooked. Dagnammit!
  11. An eternal Qonqr dilemma

    Oh, no, it's all a lot of fun! It just seems to be the zones I kinda want, no problem! Hey, there you go! The zones I don't particularly care about: ENDLESS WONDROUS BATTLE OF FOREVER \o/
  12. How on earth do we all end up randomly getting into situations where neither side genuinely wants the zone but you end up fighting over it constantly. Like... we only want it because you want it, but you only want it because it seems like we want it. I just wonder how many of these to-the-death fights are going on over zones no one actually cares about! Also I can't help but think I'm bored of attacking this zone and I don't want it BUT I DON'T WANT YOU TO HAVE IT EITHER.
  13. Rooster - plan on continuing! I feel it's my duty as a free player to annoy those who pay into paying more. It's like paying my way without paying. \o/ THANK YOU FOR PAYING FOR MY SERVER COSTS TOOOO CUBERS. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  14. Maybe it differs depending on area, but Swarm seem to be the cubers around here.
  15. It's happening a lot in succession with me at the moment. it just happened again! \o/ Took a zone (sneaky plasma blasts during the day), laid in 16k of bots, put my phone down, 5 minutes later, the zone's 50k to another faction and I'm smiling like a loon. Am I supposed to be annoyed? Maybe I'm supposed to be annoyed. Hm. NOPE. Still grinning. (Edit to clarify 50k from the same player. If it was 50k from a well co-ordinated attack, I'd probably- Well. Not gonna lie, I'd be impressed with that organisation. And probably still semi-flattered a group of people thought lil old me on my own in a zone was worth that much effort.)