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  1. Faceless Cake

    I do still have some left in my fridge....
  2. Faceless Cake

    It was held in Northern CT lol
  3. Faceless Cake

    The cake that I made for the Faceless BBQ
  4. Faceless BBQ in Connecticut May 25

    And I make a **** good cake!
  5. Faceless BBQ in Connecticut May 25

    Hello! Wright and I have decided that we would love to host a BBQ get together for all of our willing to travel Faceless friends. This will take place in the Stafford area. Northern part of CT on route 190. This will be on Sunday May 25th starting between 2 and 2:30. For those of you wanting to come but are reluctant due to distance.... We live within an hour of Six Flags New England so maybe you could make it a weekend thing. Food aplenty and BYOB.