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  1. Gold Status Incentive?

  2. The fair fight?

    lol that it is. And it's actually something me and noms talked about briefly but never really did. The idea was to pick a zone, plasma it dry so it is a vacant zone. Then have two teams of players go at it at a certain start time. almost like a mini local atlantis
  3. The fair fight?

    That would be really cool to try, not gonna argue there. Perhaps if things cool down in our neck of the woods I'll propose a test run with some of my frenemies.
  4. The fair fight?

    Agreed, except I have reservations about your choice of color
  5. The fair fight?

    You know that is something I didn't factor in there. Time. The player who can consistently and constantly launch wins against the guy who casually picks up the phone on occasion or has to work away from a cell phone for 8 hours. Good point. And yes I can't argue skill doesn't factor in, it just seems like less of a factor than other games is all.
  6. The fair fight?

    Let me preface this by saying that in no way is this me criticizing the game. These are just observations and thoughts I had the other day while at work. Also I think this is the first time I posted in here in a year. I’ve seen over the two years of played people from all three factions hurling insults and slamming other players for the way they play the game. Whether it be lashing out at a cuber with deep pockets or at a group of people ganging up on a lone enemy. While these complaints are certainly understandable and oft times relatable, the very core of the argument is what? That it isn’t fair. And that got me thinking… What is a fair fight? In another game, let’s use mortal kombat as an example, a truly fair fight would be two players squaring off with equal health and the same character and total knowledge of all the special moves. At this point the only variable left to determine a winner is the skill of the players controlling that character. So what makes QONQR different as a game is that a lot of it is firmly rooted in math and stats. The same launch formation against the same enemy with the same scope upgrades will yield the same exact result every time. There is no variance or chance or luck involved. So going back to my fair fight scenario here, let’s say two players with equal scopes are hitting an empty zone loaded with the same amount of credits and ordinance. No refreshes or cubes involved. What ends up happening? As long as they both have a solid understanding of how each formation works, they are obviously going to **** heads with little to no shift in momentum or change to that zone (keeping in mind the game itself does slightly favor attacking vs. defending.) Skill and strategy are marginal at best in helping or turning the tide, once again, because the game is so very rooted in math and logic with no variance to luck or critical success and failure. So how do you win? Option 1: buy some cubes, over power your enemy that way. Option 2: get other players to help. These two things are what the game is built around in terms of helping turn the tide in your favor and taking and controlling zones. But at the same time these things are not exactly considered fair now are they? They in essence make the fight unfair. But that at the heart of it, this is what makes QONQR interesting. It’s not about the fair fight, it’s about gaining the advantage through whatever means you can. Cubes, recruiting, and sometimes more **** tactics (multiscopes), although I personally poo poo the last one. Your only option is to win through an unfair fight. Do I have a point to this? Not really. Just random thoughts. Although I guess it’s something to think about the next time you get murder cubed and are about to lash out at the player in the forums or on facebook, yea?
  7. kersploosh

    I said come on fhqwhgads, come on fhqwhgads!
  8. kersploosh

  9. Dirt and Other Faction Generalizations

    I've seen the bottomless wallet thing tossed out for all three factions. Just depends on the local environment. Atlantis really opened my eyes to how many spenders in all three we got. I've seen honor-less get tossed around for faceless. Cowardly for swarm. Idiotic for legion. But really one again it's all about the local scene and your surrounding 400 that paints those biases. End of the day it's a silly game and we all do the same stupid **** somewhere.
  10. United Nations of Qonqr

    I didn't know QONQR had it's own illuminate!!!
  11. I'm thinking of switching...

    So there Willie. I'd so go to Australia and hit your swarm towers if not for my crippling fear of drop bears.
  12. I'm thinking of switching...

  13. I'm thinking of switching...

    Thank you sage, I'll check it out!
  14. I'm thinking of switching...

    As long as I got one person I'm happy And how dare you call me a liar Willie!
  15. I'm thinking of switching...

    ...mustache waxes. Can anyone here recommend a good one that's easy to work with and has a strong hold?