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  1. Let's talk about multiscoping.

    probably wasn't a good idea to mention you'd moved. LOL You know I read these boards.
  2. (MULTI-account hacker) in Poland!!

    Curious...where do you see that he leveled up on 10 and 100 the same day? My portal doesnt show that date, just the date they achieved private and private first class...maybe thats what you're seeing.
  3. (MULTI-account hacker) in Poland!!

    Cubes...lots of cubes.
  4. Gold Status Incentive?

    I agree with this in a fair world, this should be the case, but this game is about making money for the devs. They are going to reward their paying customers first. Best case we could ever hope for thats fair to the devs and the non-paying customer is for the devs to implement ads that you can watch by choice and every 30 second ad you watch you get say 500 credits. Also a way to buy cubes with credits would be nice too. Spend say 5,000 credits to get a cube.
  5. Seattle Faceless Meetup - HiFi Brewing

    He wants to "arrange a meeting" https://youtu.be/0LfVCwtby0U
  6. When is QONQR Blue coming?

    I really hope qonqr blue is just going to make windows and androids look like iphones. I really don't want them to mess with iphone graphics because it works so well. Windows phones are horrible to use for qonqr.
  7. You're all wrong. 18,479/8 = approx 2310. 2310 x 2.25 cubes = 5,197.5 cubes. (the 2.25 cubes is it cost 2 cubes to refresh to 10k nano and .25 cubes to refresh 100 energy). On the portal you can buy 550 cubes for 100.99. 5197/550 = 9.44 x $100.99 = $954.26 spent on atlantis. Not quite the $2,500 you were estimating, but $954.26 is still quite a bit.
  8. Alliances

    I think what he means is alliances between factions. Like the alliance Sac swarm has with Legion. Legion are allowed to stack but not allowed to take new zones...in return, sac swarm doesnt use its megacubes to obliterate them. I've literally seen a legion zone with only 33k bots in it stay under legion control for 16 months without getting hit by sac swarm. I take the zone and put 500k bots in it in a day and they suddenly decide they want it and spend $50 in cubes to knock my stack down (which is idiotic as its out of range for them to stack.)
  9. Yeah sac swarm I estimate is spending $300-$400 per month just on hitting me. Makes it hard to stack.
  10. So there are some areas in qonqr that are just near impossible to take/weaken in qonqr. Take Nevada for instance...complete dominated by swarm. Nobody can get a foothold in and dropping amps only results in them getting cleared in 30 seconds as swarm is just on their game there at all time. So what we need are nano-nukes. A weapon that will take out say 1,000,000 bots in one shot. This weapon can cost 500k qredits or 50 cubes($20). Now just so the guys with the deep pockets don't go apesh*t and nuke every little guy into non-existence, there should be a 30 day cooldown period after you use one so there is not excessive nuking going on by the mega cubers. If people don't like that idea, then my other idea would be for a super-nano-missile that has further range. Maybe a missile that still does the same damage as nano missiles, but increased qredit cost for further range. For instance 2k qredits for up to 1,000 miles. 3k for 2,000 miles, 4k for 3,000 miles and so on
  11. Starting Over?

    I believe you can still factory reset you phone and then just install qonqr again, but then you have to reinstall everything on your phone so its not very practical to do that.
  12. Searched the entire portal. Doesnt seem this is true.
  13. Seems like you get screwed it you want cube items, but you make out with a few extra qredits if you do the items.
  14. unban

    If your phone is jailbroken, you get banned? How the **** would qonqr even know that and whats the point of the ban for a jailbroken phone?