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  1. I have the same problem of soupist. The global chat starts in app, I see an empty message from soupist and then the app crashes/closes
  2. I find a strange behavior if you follow this sequence when you launch: From the wheel select a launch formation, e.g. the wheel is on Zone Assault and you select Shockwave tapping on it Before the wheel terminating the rotation press launch You obtain the result of the attached screenshot. You launch a ZA, but your launch results presents SW allowing to relaunch it. This happens with any formations pair.
  3. I find where there is the tap trough!! It is near the refreshing button on the right . It seems if you swipe here you change the formation.
  4. I don't think it is exactly a tap through experience. The first idea was this, but the behavior is more strange .... And it is not easy to duplicate (I try to tap all around ))!! Thanks soup!
  5. Using energy refresh or bot refresh in launch results page sometimes it changes the formations so it is impossible to relaunch.
  6. the app crashes if you press the orange button near the zone search field leaving this field empty . Phone: wiko rainbow jam Os: 5.1 kernel 3.10.72+