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  1. Gold Status Incentive?

    I really like this idea, honestly it's fun getting gold status every week but I wish there we're more to it. An extra harvest bonus would really help for those of us who are in areas that are overwhelmed by enemy bots.
  2. Alliances

    Crackerman, why do you assume there is some sort of alliance in the midwest again faceless? Just because faceless government is starting to lose ground in IL doesn't mean there is an alliance. I've taken swarm zones in IL just as much as faceless zones.
  3. Could you image having $1500 - $2000 to spend on a game, for just a few days worth of playing, and then end up not winning it for your faction? Think of what you could buy with $2000.
  4. Yeah WTF? Anyone have a good estimate on how much that would have cost him? Obviously it would depend on what types of attack he placed. They were mostly defensive attacks which are the most costly when cubing, vs say plasma cubing, which is much more cost effective. My rough estimate without doing any serious math would be $1500 - $2500? The guy had no idea what he was doing Putting 250k seekers in zones with 100k HT. If the guy actually knew what he was doing he probably could have gotten swarm the win in Atlantis. But his timing and strategy sucked. Ironically he probably did more hard to Swarm then good. Anyways, thanks for your donation to QONQR Blue Matrix, whoever you are. Also, congratulations on taking record for total launches, Dings? Compasspoint? You guys gonna let him beat your record....
  5. Let's talk about multiscoping.

    Rumor has it that the Duggers have 20 scopes. Some families really do have a wife and ten kids... Ha Anyways.... Multi scoping is generally not encouraged, usually if you mention that you do it on the forums or in groupme your not going to be a very liked person, even within your own faction. What tends to happen is if you start multiscoping then your enemies start doing it, then you get into a war where ever person has 6 phones and nobody is happy. I've seen or heard about situations like this in a lot of different locations.
  6. hackers gonna hack

    Unfortunately you live in an area that is seriously overwhelmed with Swarm. It's probably the largest pocket/group of swarm in the entire US and expands multiple states. Nebraska is something like 95% swarm, Iowa is something like 80% swarm. I only know this because I live in Iowa and Legion is basically the only resistance against swarm, although we are greatly outnumbered. Iowa once had a large number of faceless players and the state was primary faceless (about 50 - 60%). The large faceless group was able to keep the Nebraska swarm at bay. Unfortunately one by one they all quit the game (something like 20+players, this is a lot of players in the small state of Iowa) about 6 months to a year ago. That allowed swarm to move in and basically take over the state with little resistance. Iowa Legion, which controlled about 30 - 35 percent of the state at the time got overwhelmed by the invading swarm, we we're outmatched something like 5 to 1. A lot of legion left as well, our numbers we're down to something like 3% of zones in the state, with swarm at like 93%. We're just now finally recovering, we're getting new recruits and taking back our state (very slowly). We've recovered to about 13% of the state. But we need more players, if you'd like to join us we'd love your help. Your not going to find any local faceless in your area unfortunately. Legion are hackers too, we just hack for good to destroy the evil AI. Legion is a good faction, we help each other out and we fight with honor.
  7. September Atlantis

    Legion has also won multiple times without any help from other factions.
  8. Ghost Town/Vega80

    Let the IL forum battles begin again I guess?
  9. Hello there!

    Your city is simply gone? Seems kind of strange, what's its population?
  10. New Faceless Player in Colorado

    Welcome to QONQR. Consider joining Legion
  11. Can't deploy?

    Grunt, Melee, and Clover, the bottom three zones in Atlantis, won't let you deploy if you've used an energy refresh in the last hour. You'll have to hit another zone or wait 1 hour unfortunately.
  12. Community Convos

    Most factions now use GroupMe or Line as their means of communication, the forums are too slow as a means of communication and insecure for specific faction conversations. Think of the forums are more of a gaming information resource rather than a means of communication. Contact the top players of your faction in the leader boards of your state and they will likely point you in the right direction to chatting with your local faction. The developers are also building some sort of new chat system into the game, we don't know much about it but apparently beta testing for the chat will be happening very soon (next couple of weeks) according to their timelines.
  13. I agree, we should find a way to honor the dead, but I don't think keeping their towers infinitely is necessarily the solution. The game must go on. I'm pretty sure the point of bot decay was to clear the game of inactive player bots so that new players can have a chance to rise up, not to dishonor the bots of dead players.
  14. Blue Server changes FAQ

    Silver, you mentioned in a blog that there are levels beyond 150, is it safe to say there is no level limit anymore or is that for us to discover? Another question, I'm not sure if I'm the only one noticing this but it seems like bot decay doesn't work against Zone Assault bots. I've hit two players I know have been inactive for well over 6 months but my attack had the same effect it did yesterday before the update. However I did notice against Deflection bots I am getting 2x the kill power. Also in response to decontaminatoR. Paid gaming isn't just something for adults. When I was 13 the best options for handheld gaming was GameBoy or GameGear and the games at the time cost anywhere between $29-$39 dollars. I had a paper route to pay for my games. So, no offense, but you can afford $0.99 for a game. You don't even need a paper route, just check under your couch cushions and I'm sure you'll find a few quarters.
  15. I love all of the new blue changes they've revealed so far. However this is the only one I'm somewhat on the fence on. In some ways I really love the idea of a boosting my bot generation by 10%. What's weird to me is the time limit, 6 months? no other upgrade has had a fixed time limit like this, the other weird thing is the $0.99 for the upgrade? Are cubes going away? Are we mixing money and cubes in the depot now, very confusing? Not a criticism, just thought I'd bring this up as a discussion point. Keep up the good work developers, look forward to blue. Here is one thing I'd love to see, the idea of a coolant item for sale in the depot. They would sell among side refresh packs and would cost between 1 - 5 cubes (I'm not really good at game balancing which is why I'm giving such a large range). Coolant would serve 2 purposes, the first one would be to cool your scope from overheat. It can get annoying being very active in the game for a short period of time and then getting overheated. You can use refresh packs of course, but that can get expensive and only causes your scope to stay red hot. The biggest use of coolant would be when your traveling and are only in locations for a short time and need to keep your scope cool. The other use for coolant would be to break out of what I would call is Bot Launcher Overheat. Bot Launcher Overheat would be a new limit to how many launches you could do in an hour. It would literally stop you from launching. The limit would be pretty high, high enough that you would have to be extensively using cubes during a short amount of time to ever hit it. When you hit this limit you would either have to wait an hour to launch or use coolant to cool your scope back. I think this would really help to add another step to prevent overcubing, while at the same time not stop you from cubing, if you want you just need to use coolant.